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Council & Local Government Subsidiary Notice of Participation

LGA Procurement (LGAP) is a commercial entity wholly owned by the Local Government Association of SA providing support to councils in delivering best value outcomes for their communities through the purchase of a wide range of goods and services.

LGAP contracts provide both council and supplier with a consistent approach in the process of seeking and receiving quotes. The contracts allow for an increased level of transparency in your procurement process having followed an open, probity based tender process, therefore limiting risk to both council and supplier.

VendorPanel remains the preferred platform for your purchases. When conducting purchases through this portal you are automatically covered by the terms and conditions of each contract when the appropriate category is selected.

Purchases can be conducted outside of this portal and still be covered under the established contracts. To ensure you are covered by the terms and conditions of the contract, it is essential to quote the correct contract number in your transaction with the company. This is particularly important for those Low value/volume purchases such as Road Signs, Workwear etc, which are traditionally purchased by a number of people across your organisation.

LGA Procurement actively monitors transactions that occur within VendorPanel and can offer assistance in the process, however when councils are operating outside of VendorPanel the risk of incorrect transaction details greatly increases. This also makes it difficult for suppliers to understand their obligation if the contract number is not quoted. This can leave councils exposed to the risk of not being covered by the Pricing Schedules and any terms and conditions should issues arise.

To ensure your council is covered, we have prepared a simple voluntary Notice of Participation (NoP) form that provides an authorised instruction by your organisation that will:

  • be provided to all contracted suppliers;
  • ensure your organisation will receive the “best price” promise;
  • guarantee that your council/entity is protected by the terms and conditions of the LGA Procurement/NPN contract; and
  • provide contract support and problem solving services through LGA Procurement.

A signed NoP does not stop you from dealing with other suppliers outside of the panel and a NoP is able to be cancelled at any time by advising LGA Procurement and the supplier in writing.

This NoP applies to the following LGA Procurement/NPN panel arrangements:

NPN 1.17 - Bulk Fuel, Fuel Card Services, Oils & Lubricants and Vehicle Care Products
NPN 2.11.2 - Corporate Wardrobe

LGAP 17-027 - Road Signs and Associated Products
ST4412-2015 - Office and Workplace Supplies
NPN 1.14 - Tyres and Batteries
NPN 3.11 - Workwear and Personal Protective Equipment

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This instruction shall remain in force until your organisation advises in writing to that it no longer applies.

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