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Council & Local Government Subsidiary Notice of Participation

LGA Procurement and the National Procurement Network (NPN) have established preferred provider panel arrangements that enable South Australian councils and other entities (organisation) to achieve pricing that is only achievable through realising significant volume.

While VendorPanel remains the preferred procurement methodology for the majority of goods and services, providing the expected auditing and probity trails, there are many purchases that are conducted outside of this portal.

Such purchases are usually of low value and volume and made by multiple people across an organisation according to delegated authority. In these cases the buyer is expecting to receive the LGA Procurement/NPN negotiated pricing and well known beneficial terms and conditions, but in fact may not be, due to the lack of a reference to the appropriate contract number and details.

This has been problematic in a number of circumstances in the past.

This voluntary Notice of Participation form provides an authorised instruction by your organisation that will:

  • be provided to all contracted suppliers;
  • ensure your organisation will receive the “best price” promise;
  • guarantee that your council/entity is covered by the terms and conditions of the LGA Procurement/NPN contract; and
  • provide contract support and problem solving services through LGA Procurement.

This Notice of Participation form applies to the following LGA Procurement/NPN panel arrangements.

NPN 2.11.2 - Corporate Wardrobe
LGAP 17-027 - Road Signs and Associated Products
ST4412-2015 - Office and Workplace Supplies
NPN 1.14 - Tyres and Batteries
NPN 3.11 - Workwear and Personal Protective Equipment

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This instruction shall remain in force until your organisation advises in writing to that it no longer applies.

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