Welcome to the 20's!

CEO, Andrew Haste, explains the benefits councils receive from the work of LGA Procurement.

I’m sure  it’s  not just me, but where has the year gone? As I write this welcome message, it dawns on me that it is indeed mid-February and that any recollections of a Happy New Year are distant  and hazy Nevertheless , I trust that you have made a great start to the  new decade  and that your plans and resolutions are beginning to kick in.  

The LGA Procurement team have returned refreshed from their Christmas/New Year break and are already running at top-speed with a big agenda  of activity and strategic growth  for the remainder of this year.  Never  have we been involved with so many projects for so many councils as we are presently.   

Every council in this state benefits from the work that LGA Procurement does for members; some more than others. Hopefully we can become first of mind for all thing’s “procurement” for you and your colleagues and share the benefits with you and your council.  

The depth of experience across the LGA Procurement team is second to none in this sector and you can be assured: if it’s something a council needs, we have most likely already done this for another council. Give us a call - it costs nothing - our advice is freely available. If we can assist you with your thinking, verify your proposed strategy or be the sounding board for an innovative solution; we’ll be glad to assist.  




Contact LGA Procurement

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Telephone 08 8224 2000
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