2nd hand via Vendor Panel?

Kudos must go out to Copper Coast Council and Streaky Bay Council.

Save Money, Save Time, Reduce Risk and Add Value – four concepts that the LGA Procurement team live by every day.  Through our managed contracts, our consultancy work and our training we are always thinking about how these concepts apply to each transaction and how in each project these can be maximised.

KUDOS must go out to Copper Coast Council and Streaky Bay Council. In a relatively simple way, one phone call, a VendorPanel request and a couple of emails has resulted in big wins all round.

Copper Coast regularly see the Value, Reduced Risk and Time Saving through using LGA Procurement’s VendorPanel portal when accessing Managed Contracts. 

A recent request under LGA Procurements Specialised Body managed contract for a new street sweeper was listed by the council at about the same time as Streaky Bay Council approached LGA Procurement for the purchase of a number of plant items. Contained within this list (you guessed it)  was the challenge of finding a good condition second-hand sweeper to replace their ageing unit.

In what is a fantastic example of cross council collaboration and support, an agreement was struck between the two councils which would see Streaky Bay able to purchase the Copper Coast sweeper at the quoted trade in value with delivery taking place when Copper Coast take delivery of their new unit.

Pictured below – the old Streaky Bay unit measuring up against the ‘brand new second hand’ Copper Coast machine!


2nd hand

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