COVID-19: We are here to help you

A note from the CEO, Andrew Haste

I am sure we are each feeling a level of uncertainty, anxiety and even fear about things that are largely out of our direct control. The world is reacting in ways that we have never previously experienced and that is breeding even more uncertainty, anxiety and fear.   

It’s times like this that we learn who our friends are, who we can rely on and who will always be there to assist.   

With over 25 years supporting the local government sector in SA, LGA Procurement stands ready to assist all councils and suppliers in this time of need.  

The reality is that certain functions need to continue for the benefit of our communities. We will help you get things sorted, allow you to maintain your corporate and commercial responsibilities, connect you, problem solve, assist with future planning and be a source of advice and encouragement.   

We are well prepared for the uncertain times ahead and have solid plans to continue with our full scope operations. The team has a very positive and united outlook and we think that is even more infectious!   

We are but an email, mobile phone call or video call away.   

So, how can we help you?  

Stay up to date  

The LGA is maintaining communication with its members about the COVID-19 situation here (members only access) and via the Members Advice line is 8224 2099.  

LGA Procurement will provide regular updates - please pass  this webpage  on to your colleagues and ask them to subscribe too.  


Andrew Haste 

Chief Executive Officer
LGA Procurement

Contact LGA Procurement

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148 Frome Street, Adelaide SA 5000
GPO Box 2693, Adelaide SA 5501

Telephone 08 8224 2000
Facsimile 08 8232 6336