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COVID-19 and LGA Procurement Template Documents

3 April 2020

LGA Procurement are currently working with Norman Waterhouse.

COVID-19 Update 31 March 2020

3 April 2020

A note from the CEO, Andrew Haste

COVID-19: We are here to help you

24 March 2020

A note from the CEO, Andrew Haste

2nd hand via Vendor Panel?

13 February 2020

Kudos must go out to Copper Coast Council and Streaky Bay Council.

Career Development Opportunity

13 February 2020

LGA Procurement is constantly on the lookout for new talent, such is the demand for services.

South Australian Procurement Exchange

13 February 2020

I am excited to be finalising the details of our initiative, SA Procurement Exchange.

Welcome to the 20's!

11 February 2020

CEO, Andrew Haste, explains the benefits councils receive from the work of LGA Procurement.

Temporary Recruitment - updated product now available

3 February 2020

This innovative new concept from LGA Procurement and Comensura is coming to SA in 2020.

Electric Vehicle trip to the Dandenong Ranges

14 January 2020

Is your council interested in introducing electric vehicles to your fleet? LGA Procurement have an opportunity for you in 2020!

Professional Development 2020 sessions

17 December 2019

Our core modules are in high demand...

Roadside innovation and technology innovation keeping Australians safe

16 December 2019

Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) bollards developed in Roadside Services and Solutions Adelaide manufacturing plant.

$14million is just the start!

21 October 2019

New electricity supply contracts negotiated by LGA Procurement will save South Australian ratepayers approximately $14 million over the next three years.

Smart Cities, Innovation and Infrastructure

23 September 2019

We have a significant number of South Australian based and national companies, that have cutting edge solutions and technologies to everyday problems, captured under our existing contracts.

Would a Tax Fuel Rebate be good news for your council?

23 September 2019

LGA Procurement can help your council find missing credits!

Need a hand with that long and winding road?

25 July 2019

Read the latest council contract update from LGA Procurement.

Adobe Anniversary Alert!

16 July 2019

To take advantage of the pricing for Adobe Products orders must be placed with Data#3 by 19 August 2019.

New Financial Year welcomes the latest SA Local Government Directory

2 July 2019

Elliston receives campground amenities upgrade

24 June 2019

Congratulations to the Terrain Group!

Industry Advocate launches the Corporate Wear, Workwear & PPE panel

11 June 2019

We are proud to launch our latest offering to the sector! This panel will support councils to achieve local economic benefits.

Electricity - it's in the air

28 May 2019

The assessment of tenders for the supply of electricity to the sector is complete.

Are you getting Value for Money in digital printing solutions?

28 May 2019

You could be missing a savings of 20-25% off your printing costs.

Corporate Wear, Workwear and Personal Protective Clothing

28 May 2019

We are proud to bring the latest offering to the sector.

NEW Microsoft Offering

28 May 2019

All councils have the opportunity to leverage pricing packages on Microsoft products

Specialised Procurement Training for Councils

29 August 2018

Road Signs & Associated Products

1 March 2018

A new Contract for provision of Road Signs and associated services (Contract LGAP 17-027) offering Councils significant savings, is now in place.

Council & Local Government Subsidiary Notice of Participation

18 December 2017

This voluntary Notice of Participation form provides an authorised instruction by your organisation that will: - be provided to all contracted suppliers; - ensure your organisation will receive the “best price” promise; - guarantee that your council/entity is covered by the terms and conditions of the LGA Procurement/NPN contract; and - provide contract support and problem solving services through LGA Procurement.

New Contract - Bulk Fuel, Fuel Cards & Oils, Lubricants & Vehicle Care Products

24 February 2017

LGA Procurement (LGAP) is pleased to advise that we are now in the final stages of Evaluation and Negotiation with a range of providers for Bulk Fuels, Fuel Card Services and Oils, Lubricants & Vehicle Car Products. A new Contract - LGAP1.17, which is a collaboration with our National Procurement Network members across Australia, will be in place to commence early in 2018.

New Contract – Mobile Garbage Bins

7 November 2016

LGA Procurement will soon commence the tendering process for supply of Mobile Garbage Bins, Industrial Bins, Static Compactors and Associated Products and Services to replace the current contract No. 1.11-2. Please contact the team at if you would like further information or would like to provide input and/or assist with preparation of documentation or evaluation for this contract. The new contract (LGAP 1.11-3) which will be a collaboration with our National Procurement Network across Australia, will be in place by 1 June 2018.

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