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Community Engagement

"Citizen/community engagement is about involving the community in the decision-making process and is critical in the successful development of acceptable policies and decisions in government, the private sector and the community."**

Community Engagement Revised Handbook 2016CommEngagement_Cartoon_RGB.jpg

The LGA updated, in 2016, the LGA Community Engagement Handbook. 

The Handbook was originally developed in 2008 and partially funded by the Local Government Research & Development Scheme. 

The project incorporated further developmental work since 2008 to the present time and is focused particularly on the needs of Elected Members and issues for CEOs, Council Officers and organisational structures.

Member councils can access further information and download the Handbook here.
If you are not a member council but would like to review the Handbook, please contact noting the organisation you are working for and why you’d like to review this resource.

Community Engagement Project background

As the first step in a 2007 project the LGA gathered information from Councils including case examples.

The second phase of the project involved the development of the Community Engagement Handbook - A Model Framework for leading practice in Local Government in South Australia.
(The LGA acknowledges input from the Adelaide Group of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2 2007) and the Office of State/Local Government Relations.)

In 2008, the principle aim of the Handbook was to provide Councils with a model framework to adapt to local circumstances for effective planning and implementation of community engagement processes for small and large projects. The Handbook is based squarely on the principle that effective planning needs to precede the selection of techniques for community engagement, and will be a valuable tool for all those across a range of disciplines who have an interest in and responsibility for designing and implementing community engagement initiatives.

Community Engagement Training


LGA's Education and Training Service provides Community Engagement training that is based on the IAP2 International standards & other Council Officer based training that has been customised for Local Government Sector (based on input from SA Council case studies and input from community engagement professionals)

Training in the use of the Handbook is offered through the LGA Training and Education Program. Please download this flyer for further information 2016_LGA_CommEngagement_Flyer (191 kb).

 Three courses are offerred and links are provided below:

Further information can be obtained by clicking here and submitting a Course/Seminar Enquiry

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