LGA Procurement has established contracts for the supply of a wide range of goods and services.

When a council chooses to use an LGA Procurement contract it removes the necessity to approach the wider market. This is because LGA Procurement has already undertaken a rigorous open tender process that satisfies probity requirements (with particular reference to the Local Government and ICAC Acts) and achieves best value for councils.

Suppliers appointed to each panel have been evaluated and have agreed to contractual terms and conditions that meet the idiosyncratic needs of local government (some of which may be outside of industry-standard trading terms).

LGA Procurement also partners with its interstate counterparts as part of the National Procurement Network to achieve benefits far beyond the reach of an individual council or region.

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Upcoming contracts

LGA Procurement continues to expand the range of contracts available to South Australian Councils. 

View our Forward Procurement Plan and Contract Offerings from December 2018 to October 2021 below.

LGA Procurement Forward Procurement Plan - Dec18 to Oct21(43 kb)

If there are additional products or services you would like to see included in our contract suite, please contact us to provide feedback.

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Accessing a contract

Most contracts can be accessed via VendorPanel. For more information go to the individual contract page.

For more information about VendorPanel click here.

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