Workwear & Personal Protective Equipment

This contract has been developed in conjunction with the National Procurement Network to provide access to a panel of approved suppliers for workwear and personal protective equipment.

Key contract information

Contract numberNPN3.11-2
Contract start date1 October 2016
Contract expiry date30 September 2019
Extension options2 x 1 year option
Procurement methodRequest for quotation and/or via Notice of Participation
LGAP RFQ templateNo


Clothing, accessories and footwear including:

Protective footwear
Safety boots (elastic sided, lace up, zip sided, hiker style), safety shoes (jogger style, enclosed, lace up or slip on), gumboots (options for with or without steel protective toe caps) and accessories (insoles, laces, boot covers).

Hand protection (gloves and gauntlets)
Chemical protection, welding and heat, rigger, cold conditions, impact resistant, cleaning, general purpose, reusable and disposable options, and high visibility options.

Headwear (general)
Hats (wide brimmed and other), beanies and caps, including Legionnaire style.

Trousers, shorts and accessories
Trousers (cargo style, cotton drill style, denim), shorts (cargo style, cotton drill style, denim), belts, high visibility options (day, night and combination use with reflective tape) and fire retardant and arc flash options.

Short sleeved (polo style, cotton drill style, T-shirts, closed front), singlets, long sleeved (polo style, cotton drill style), high visibility options (day, night and combination use with reflective tape) and rire retardant and arc flash options.

Jumpers, jackets, vests and accessories >Jumpers, polar fleece, vests (safety, polar fleece), jackets (cotton drill style, soft shell, bomber style), neck warmers and high visibility options (day, night and combination use with reflective tape).

Long sleeved, no sleeves, high visibility options (day, night and combination use with reflective tape) and fire retardant and arc flash options.

Wet weather clothingP
onchos, jackets, pants and high visibility options (day, night and combination use with reflective tape).

Socks (woollen, cotton, bamboo, acrylic, etc.)

Personal Protective Equipment & WHS 

Head protection
Helmets and brims, hard hats and brims, bump caps, hoods, face shields and visors and other accessories.

Eye and face protection
Safety glasses, goggles and other accessories. 

Hearing protection
Earplugs (disposable and reusable), ear muffs (including electronic) and other accessories.

Respiratory protection
Respirators, disposable and reusable face masks and other accessories.

Body protection
Aprons (welding, food preparation), knee pads, coveralls (disposable), head and face coverings, footwear coverings (disposable and reusable), sleeve coverings (disposable and reusable).

Height safety/personal fall protection
Harnesses, lanyards, ropes and accessories. 

First aid, hydration and sun protection 

Closed cell backpacks, plastic water containers and electrolyte drinks.

First Aid 
Kits, kit refill items, defibrillators and additional items.

Skin care
Sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent, hand sanitiser, barrier cream.

Spill kits
General, chemical, oil and in addition the components such as absorbent powders, rolls, pillows and pads.

Asbestos removal safety kits

Site safety lock out – padlocks, cables, hasps

Lighting – torches and headlamps

Fire blankets, fire extinguishers, safety signage, barricade tape, bunting, vehicle flags and lights, traffic wands and more.

Additional services

  • Corporate logos and messaging - embroidered, patch, transfer, screen print and other forms
  • Fitting services - sampling packages and onsite services
  • Made to measure services for non-standard sizes
  • Alteration services
  • Stock holding
  • Kitting such as starter packs
  • Consultation, technical support and training

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