Electricity Contracts

LGA Procurement has negotiated for the supply of electricity to councils through a rigorous tendering process. These local government specific contracts meet the needs of councils particularly in relation to consolidated billing, electronic reporting and Green Power obligations.

There are three contracts in place:

  • 12 & 24 Hour Unmetered (Street & Traffic Lights)
  • Above 160mWh Supply for large sites
  • Below 160mWh Supply for small sites

Key contract information

Contract nameElectricity 12/24 hour unmetered
Contract numberLGAP 17-010
Contract start date1 January 2018
Contract expiry date31 December 2019
Procurement methodContact LGA Procurement
Contract nameElectricity above 160 MWh p.a.
Contract numberLGAP 17-009
Contract start date1 January 2018
Contract expiry date31 December 2019
Procurement methodContact LGA Procurement
Contract nameElectricity below 160 MWh p.a.
Contract numberLGAP 17-008
Contract start date1 January 2018
Contract expiry date31 December 2019
Procurement methodContact LGA Procurement


  • Above 160MWh pa Supply - Black and Green Energy 
  • Below 160MWh pa Supply - Black Energy Only
  • Below 160MWh pa Supply - Green Energy Only 
  • 12 & 24 Hour (Street & Traffic Lighting) - Unmetered Sites - Black and Green Energy

Preferred suppliers

Origin Energy is the preferred supplier for all categories.


Click here to see a list of the organisations eligible to access this contract.

How to access contract pricing

As the holder of the Head Agreement for all contracts, LGAP will undertake the administration of the contracts for their full term. This includes management of queries relating to invoicing and also managing Roll-In/Roll-out requests. Click here for contact details.

Adding or removing a site from your existing agreement (roll-In/roll-out)

From time to time, a council may wish to add a new site or remove a site to/from their Agreement for the Supply of Electricity.

This is termed a roll-in or roll-out and refers to the transfer of a site from one electricity provider to another.

Reasons may include:

  • Transfer of the site to Origin was not identified by council at the time of entering into the original arrangement with Origin.
  • An arrangement with another provider has recently expired providing the opportunity to transfer the site to Origin.
  • Purchase or sale of a site by council.

For this to occur, you should contact LGA Procurement who will arrange for an Origin Energy Roll-In/Roll-Out Form to be completed. 

You will need a copy of the last Electricity Account (both back and front), or at a minimum, the NMI (National Meter Identifier Number). You will also need to know the amount of both peak and off-peak energy that has been used over the past 12 months.  You can obtain this information from the last full year of invoices.

LGA Procurement will complete as much detail as possible on the correct form and send to council to be finalised and signed. When completed, the form should be emailed to LGA Procurement for lodgement with Origin Energy.

New connections/alterations/abolishments

For new connections (i.e. a new site that does not have electricity connection), alterations or abolishments your council will need to complete an SA Power Networks FORM A. Your electrician will provide the FORM A and assist with its completion.  The completed FORM A should then be emailed to LGA Procurement.

LGA Procurement will liaise with Origin Energy to facilitate the processing of your FORM A.

Benefits of purchasing through this contract

Find out more about the benefits of purchasing through LGA Procurement.

More information

Fact Sheet 1 - LV Actual Demand Tariff (115 kb) 
Fact Sheet 2 - LV Agreed Demand Tariff (97 kb) 
Guide to Ancillary Services in the National Electricity Market (697 kb)
SA Power Network - Revised Tariff Structure (392 kb)

Energy Use Tips provided by the City of Salisbury

Energy Use Tip - You Have the Power and how to use it (291 kb)

Origin Energy Newsletters

Every month, Origin share their views on the energy market and outline the headlines that can impact the supply and price of energy.

The most recent report can be found via the following link - https://www.originenergy.com.au/business/commercial-and-industrial/monitor/energy-news.html

A copy of back issues will be added as PDFs below.

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