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The current LGA Procurement arrangement for supply of Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) through Data#3 has been extended to 31 December 2018.

Over the last two years, members of the National Procurement Network (NPN) across Australia, including WALGA (Western Australia), LocalBuy (Queensland), LGANT (Northern Territory) and LGA Procurement (South Australia) have been conducting in-depth confidential negotiations with Microsoft regarding presenting the Local Government sector with a National Microsoft Arrangement. Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania currently have contracts in place but will be offered the option of participating as and when their current arrangements lapse.

The current LGA Procurement arrangement for supply of Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) through Data#3 has been extended to 31 December 2018 with a further option to extend until such time as the National Microsoft Arrangement is in place.  This will enable Councils who currently require updating of their current EAs to do so through the present arrangement with the option to transition to the new arrangement in the future.

The NPN group is now ready to go to the open market seeking tenders from Licensed Service Providers (LSPs) for the provision of the National Microsoft Arrangement, and this will be advertised in the TendersSA website and Advertiser on Tuesday 28 August 2018.

The procurement process is split into two stages:

Stage 1 will be undertaken to appoint a panel of Licensed Service Providers for provision of Category 1 Enterprise Agreements for the provision of Licensing, Implementation and Support.

Stage 2 will follow shortly thereafter where NPN will tender for the provision of Category 2 Open Licenses and Category 3 Cloud Solution Provider Managed Services.

It is believed that this process will provide Councils with options to procure Microsoft Licensing from their preferred LSP at prices that have been set through the direct negotiation with Microsoft, thereby providing the Local Government sector with best value options.

Following the evaluation, if LGA Procurement believes that the contract offers the best value for SA Councils we will enter into an arrangement with the NPN group.

Councils will be further advised on the outcomes as the process proceeds.

If you have any queries about this Agreement, please contact Diane Harris on 8224 2015 or email

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