LGA + SquizSquiz Matrix platform: technically superior, flexible and sustainable

The LGA has appointed Squiz as the preferred supplier for the new local government content management system (CMS) that will replace Unity.

Deliver world class online presence and websites, Squiz Matrix is a highly flexible CMS that offers us a myriad of features that will support our sector's digital ambitions and will underpin your council's online presence for years to come.

“Squiz provides enhanced online experiences beyond the core capabilities of WCM.”
“Squiz’s position as a market leader proves that an open source solution can be as functionally rich as a product from a large vendor.”

User-Friendly Interface

In Squiz Matrix’s intuitive editing interface, updating content is simple. Copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop images and text.


Write, edit and create content in the ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editor, with features like predictive formatting and easy table creation.

Asset Creation

Build media-rich web pages in seconds using the asset creation wizard. Upload, organise and embed all popular media file types by simply dragging-and-dropping;

Advanced Image Editing

- In-browser editing tools for cropping, resizing, and rotating images. Images uploaded to the CMS can be automatically optimised and scaled down to different sizes and esolutions to support responsive and adaptive web design.

Accessibility Auditor

Matrix’s ‘Accessibility Auditor’ identifies and rectifies errors to ensure that you stay standards compliant.

Mobile Friendly

Squiz Matrix supports fully responsive and adaptive web design and development for all your mobile and tablet needs.

  • Deliver personalised content using residents’ location, interaction history, search activity and more.
  • Manage multiple connected websites eg share content between your council business website and tourism site, or keep them completely separate.
Squiz personalisation screen
squiz language screen
  • Elected member and staff portals – you will be able to protect certain areas of your website, or deliver standalone websites with role-based permissions.
  • Present multi-lingual content using built in translation workflow tools.
  • Powerful automation tools to enable system integration into council ERP systems and streamline your business workflow as well as underpin smart cities initiatives into the future.
  • Optimised measures for the effectiveness of content with on-page Google Analytics integration and reporting.
squiz analytics screen
squiz search screen
  • Integrate with other existing systems such as Sharepoint and Content Manager (TRIM).
  • Access to “Funnelback” search (developed by the CSIRO) which provides tools for best practice Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and curated results.

More information about the Squiz Matrix platform can be explored via the links below:


The Unity replacement project will be broken down into stages to ensure we accomplish a smooth transition to the new platform. The initial Discovery stage will inform the design of the platform, the content migration approach, governance framework and Council on-boarding strategy. This is an important stage we expect to complete by the end of 2018 calendar year. Building and configuration of the platform will take place in early 2019 with the first sites expected to be migrated in June 2019. We will coordinate editor training in parallel with the website migration phase. Squiz and the LGA expect to increase the rate of website migration and complete the process by the end of April 2020.


Squiz is a global technology company with more than 450 employees across the globe located in major cities including Adelaide. The Squiz Global Customer Response Unit is a team of approximately 16 highly qualified system and CMS administrators, providing 24/7 support for their global customer base (Priority 1 and 2 issues). During business hours the LGA’s Electronic Services Program team will provide councils with first rate personalised website support you have come to expect from the LGA.


Should I clean up my website prior to migration?

Yes! We only want to bring across relevant content from your existing website to the new platform. Contact the ESP team dcwsupport@lga.sa.gov.au for assistance with identifying non-linked content in your current website so this can be deleted prior to the migration.

1. Identify and delete redundant Pages

The on-boarding process will migrate all your Live Unity Pages into Squiz. Go through your site now and delete any redundant pages.

2. Identify old Minutes and Agenda file listings

Some councils have Pages with archive lists of Minutes and Agenda files. Most councils are using the Minutes/Agenda Object in Unity. But in some cases older listings of files are still in the Files object using Dynamic Lists.

We suggest you make a call on whether these old listings are really needed on your website or not. If you want to keep these files on your website please move them into the Minutes/Agenda Object in Unity now.

By doing this you will benefit from the Funnelback search across all Minutes and Agenda files as shown here: https://www.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au/council/council-meetings/minutes-and-agendas

3. Identify and delete redundant Unity Forms

Go Content > Unity Forms

Assess which on-line Forms you need to have re-built in Squiz Matrix and those that are redundant. For those Forms that are redundant, click on the Actions button > Submissions CSV and get a copy of the submission data for your records. Then please delete the Form.

How will my website be transferred?

The LGA will work with Squiz to bring across your content from the Unity site to the Squiz Matrix platform. This process will be automated for the majority of content. Some content may need to be created manually ie: on-line forms however the LGA will assist with any manual content creation.

Will our other websites be migrated? ie: intranet and councillor extranet

Yes. We will migrate all Unity websites onto the LGA Squiz platform. In the case of generic councillor extranets we may refactor these to use a new approach that streamlines content management for editors. 

Can I utilise a third-party developer to create my website on the platform?

Yes. The Squiz Matrix software is released under the GNU General Public Licence version 2 ("GPLv2") licence. The Squiz hosting and Matrix platform is built on open source code - PHP, Apache, PostgresQL, Linux and the Matrix Application itself.

Matrix CMS itself is a Managed Open source product and the websites leverage front end open source code HTML, Javascript and any open JS libraries. Content templates can be shared and edited by any developer on your Matrix platform.

Matrix has a large user group particularly in Government and Higher Education and there is a wealth of information on https://matrix.squiz.net/

What end-user editor training will be provided?

The LGA will schedule training sessions for council staff aligned with the transition of sites onto the new platform. These sessions will be delivered with a mix of on-line and in person sessions. More information will be provided as the rollout schedule is confirmed.

Can I access developer training?

Yes. Squiz themselves offer a range of training packages that includes Squiz Matrix Designs  https://www.squiz.net/learn/training

Will LGA provide first level help desk support to councils?

Yes. The LGA’s Web Solutions team will remain the first point of contact for councils requiring support for their LGA hosted Squiz Matrix sites. The LGA prides itself on providing practical first rate support to council staff and we aim to continue this relationship with the new platform. 

What is the timeframe for the rollout

Over 60 people attended the two Discovery Workshops in December 2018. Download a copy of the report here: LGASA Squiz Workshops Report 

Work on configuration of the LGA Squiz platform commenced in March 2019 with migration of  the 'early adopter' councils planned to go live in early July 2019.

Transition of the remaining council websites will begin once the above sites are on the LGA Squiz platform. Content from your website will be migrated into Squiz Matrix automatically, and the LGA will provide training for your staff on how to manage your new website. We expect an intense rollout of sites from July 2019 until April 2020.

More details on training dates and an actual rollout timetable will be provided in due course to each council.


John Mundy

ESP Manager

Local Government Association of South Australia

Ph: 08 8224 2061


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