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Local Government Policy Manual

Statement: Local government acknowledges that it has a shared responsibility for ensuring the economic wellbeing of South Australia, and shall continue to work within its local areas and across councils to identify and implement local measures that create a climate conducive to sustainable economic development.

2.1.1 Local Economy Role

Local government acknowledges its role in enabling, facilitating and enhancing opportunities and recognises that councils have complimentary roles to play in achieving economic outcomes. Councils should contribute equitably to secure economic growth, notwithstanding the significant responsibilities of federal and state government.

2.1.2 Private Sector Liaison

Local government plays a crucial leadership role in attracting new investment from the private sector by creating the right circumstances for private development. Councils shall continue to work with businesses, local, regional and multinational companies to attract and maintain investment in their local areas to create the right conditions for investment.

2.1.3 Skilled Workforce

Local government acknowledges the importance of ensuring its participation in employment programs is targeted at areas of occupational demand, and shall continue to collaborate with federal/ state government, RDA Boards, industry, schools and registered training providers, to assist in addressing skill shortages in the local community.

2.1.4 Business Support

Local government recognises that it is in a unique position to facilitate business support information and services through council offices, libraries and community services. Councils shall continue to identify opportunities for business support through the delivery of its functions and services, either autonomously or in partnership with others.

2.1.5 Small and Medium Enterprises

Local government recognises that small businesses are vital to achieving social cohesion and identity, and shall continue to provide support to small business start-ups and successes through planning and infrastructure provision, networking and promotion of locally produced products.

2.1.6 Local Infrastructure

Local government recognises that the public realm and local infrastructure and assets attract businesses and residents, stimulating economic activity. Councils shall continue to consider economic prosperity as a principle of its planning, design, asset and infrastructure planning.

2.1.7 Small Bar Licencing

Local government supports opportunities to develop vibrant night-time economies by extending small bar licencing beyond the Adelaide CBD. Councils, through the LGA will continue to lobby state government to allow small bar licencing (where desired) for suburbs and South Australia’s regional areas.

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