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Local Government Policy Manual

Statement: Local government recognises the critical role that councils play in developing sustainable community safety protocols and programs for both environmental and social risks, and shall continue to provide support to state government law enforcement and emergency services in prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities.

3.2.1 Emergency Management

Local government supports the concept of shared responsibility and agrees that all spheres of government, business and the community should actively partner to build resilience into communities against emergency events. Councils shall continue to work collaboratively to achieve sustainable community safety.

3.2.2 Emergency Recovery

Local government understands that there will be severe community impacts of emergency events, and shall continue to undertake local emergency management risk assessments and develop local plans in collaboration with regional emergency management stakeholders, in alignment with the hierarchy of emergency management plans.

3.2.3 Crime Prevention

Local government acknowledges its supporting role in preventing and reducing crime in their communities. Councils should continue to collaborate with the police and not-for-profit organisations to tackle criminal activities from occurring in their local areas through participating in appropriate community programs.

3.2.4 Antisocial Behaviour

Councils recognise the issues that arise as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol or the use of illicit drugs in the public realm, and reserve the right to impose sanctions such as ‘dry zones’ and ‘spot checks’ in their areas to reduce antisocial behaviour. Councils shall continue to seek more substantial powers to tackle these issues for the safety of its communities.

3.2.5 Local Nuisance and Litter Control

Local government recognises its statutory obligations under the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016 and the necessity for clean and high amenity communities. Councils, through the LGA, shall continue to lobby to secure ongoing financial assistance from the EPA for support to discharge these obligations.

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