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Local Government Policy Manual

Statement: Local government acknowledges providing assets such as libraries, community centres and recreational facilities (community assets) creates focal points for social cohesion, and shall continue to provide financial and in-kind contributions to maintenance and improvement of these assets, notwithstanding the significant financial responsibilities of federal and state governments.

3.3.1 Libraries

Local government acknowledges its partnership with the state government as vital, but recognises funding cuts by the state government to councils will reduce capability to maintain libraries. Local government shall continue to lobby for levels of funding to meet objectives of the local/state partnership agreement for libraries while also seeking federal government contributions.

3.3.2 Sports and Recreation Facilities

Local government recognises the importance of providing these facilities for the health and wellbeing of the community, and shall continue to work with non-government bodies, community organisations, and the private sector to maintain appropriate facilities, while also seeking federal and state government contributions.

3.3.3 Arts and Cultural Development

Local government is committed to maintaining a culturally diverse, tolerant and open society, and shall equitably contribute to facilitating arts and cultural development activities and programs that promote social cohesion and harmony, notwithstanding the responsibilities of federal and state governments.

3.3.4 Educational Collaboration

Local government supports the establishment of joint use facilities with educational institutions and shall identify and implement collaborative arrangements where appropriate to achieve cost savings and improvement of services.

3.3.5 Volunteers

Local government recognises the significant contribution made by volunteers in both the running of community facilities and in the carrying out of community services, and shall continue to improve systems and practices which provide safe and rewarding opportunities for volunteers for the benefit of the community.

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