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Local Government Policy Manual

Statement: Local government recognises its obligation to conserve water resources, protect water quality, provide water for the environment and effectively manage storm and flood water. Councils shall contribute equitably to improving water management infrastructure and processes, notwithstanding the responsibilities of federal and state governments.

4.3.6 Water Sensitive Urban Design

Local government recognises its obligation to promote sustainable use and re-use of water in urban developments and buildings and shall continue to promote and pioneer Water Sensitive Urban Design principles in all of its external decisions and those made internally by council.

4.3.5 Water Quotas

Local government recognises the demand placed on the River Murray for water, and the requirement to reduce that reliance, and shall work with governments, businesses and regional subsidiaries to implement alternatives to saving/obtaining water while lobbying to ensure equitable and affordable supply of water for local interests.

4.3.3 Water Policy

Local government acknowledges its responsibility to incorporate principles of good management in considering federal and state government strategies. Councils shall continue to play a significant role in development of regional/ state strategies and expect the same consideration in development of regional/state water strategy and policy development processes.

4.3.1 Water Efficiency

Local government recognises that reducing water demand is a shared responsibility of governments, businesses and the community. Councils shall continue to consider water demand in its strategic and operational processes and practices, including in the upgrading of assets and landscape management.

4.3.2 Education

Local government recognises its position as a role model for efficient water use, and shall continue to provide information and educational opportunities for communities to raise awareness of the issues and solutions in collaboration with key partners.

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