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Local Government Policy Manual

Statement: Local government acknowledges that roads are its principle asset and recognises its responsibilities to ensure that the local road network is managed, maintained and improved efficiently and effectively notwithstanding the responsibilities of federal and state governments.

5.1.1 Local Roads

Local government acknowledges its obligation for the maintenance, renewal and safety of local road networks. Councils shall continue to fulfil this obligation recognising the significant obligation of federal/state governments in providing financial assistance to the sector in discharging these duties.

5.1.2 State Roads

Local government recognises the importance of investment in the strategic road network for economic and social prosperity. Local government shall continue to lobby state government for increased investment in the strategic road network on the basis of sound evidence and needs assessment, for the benefit of the community.

5.1.3 Roles and Responsibilities

Local government recognises its statutory role but notes there are currently uncertainty in terms of roles and responsibilities of federal/state/local government where roles/responsibilities interconnect. Councils will continue to seek clarification while continuing to lobby (through the LGA/ALGA) for adequate funding to maintain local roads.

5.1.4 Cycling

Although not a local government statutory activity, the sector supports the further uptake of sustainable and heathy means of transportation such as cycling, and will continue to identify and implement measures that promote safety of cyclists utilising the local road networks within fiscal constraints.

5.1.5 Public Transport

Local government supports investment in the public transportation network to reduce car usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Although not a responsibility of the sector, councils will continue to advocate for State investment in this area where there are community benefits.

5.1.6 Risk Management

Local government acknowledges the importance of infrastructure and asset management planning to be based on sound evidence and identification and amelioration of risks associated with climate change. Councils shall continue to identify these risks and build them into strategic and operational asset management processes.

5.1.7 Speed Limit Reductions on Regional Roads

Local government supports a holistic approach to road safety, but views decisions to reduce speed limits on regional roads as a ‘quick fix’. Local government asserts the fundamental issue is with poor road quality and lack of state government investment, and shall continue to lobby for increased investment.

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