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Local Government Policy Manual

Statement: Local government acknowledges that it maintains a range of community assets that are vital to the wellbeing of communities, and shall continue to provide equitable funding to provide and maintain community assets efficiently and effectively notwithstanding the responsibilities of federal and state governments.

5.2.1 Statutory Easements

Local government recognises the requirement of councils accessing statutory easements and rights of way for existing and proposed provision of community assets and shall continue to lobby state government to reduce red-tape for councils to undertake their statutory duties.

5.2.2 Stormwater

Local government recognises its shared obligation (with state government) to ensure that stormwater infrastructure is provided/maintained to reduce flood risk. Councils shall continue to work with state government to ensure an integrated approach to planning and for adequate funding of stormwater management and flood mitigation on a catchment wide basis.

5.2.3 Community Waste Management Systems

Local government recognises that councils are best placed to provide community wastewater management systems to communities. Councils will continue to work with state government to ensure that both funding and technical expertise is available for the provision of systems at a cost which is comparable to the equivalent SA Water sewer charge.

5.2.4 Data

Local government recognises that creating the technological capabilities that are required to support future/diversified economies is key to sustainable economic development. Councils, through the LGA, will continue to lobby and promote ‘smart infrastructure’ and ‘digital economy’ opportunities to ensure investment attractiveness is ‘future proofed’.

5.2.5 Building/Asset Maintenance

Local government endeavours to maintain community and council administration buildings and installations to the highest standard for the benefit of the community and its employees. Councils shall continue to provide, manage and maintain its building stock/installations to a high standard of safety and efficiency.

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