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Local Government Policy Manual

Statement: Local government recognises the fiscal impacts of only being able to raise 4% of taxes in relation to the 80% collected by federal government and the 16% collected by state government, and shall continue to protect its revenue sources, either through rates or other revenue from being eroded.

7.2.1 Revenue Fields

Local government acknowledges the risks that the over use of land-based taxes have on the community's capacity to pay the main revenue source available to local governments (i.e. council rates). Local government shall lobby federal and state governments reduce reliance on land-based taxes to avoid competition with council rates.

7.2.2 Rate Capping

Local government has developed a strong evidence base that rate capping will negatively affect communities and lead to a reduction in services and infrastructure quality, and that the state government must not interfere with the autonomy of councils to set rates in consultation with communities. Local government will continue to rigorously lobby against rate capping in any form.

7.2.3 Rateable Land

Local government upholds that decisions about rates exemptions, concessions or rebates must be at the discretion of councils in response to local circumstances. Local government will continue to lobby federal and state governments to contest their interference in determining rate reductions, exemptions and service charges.

7.2.4 Differential Rates

Local government acknowledges that the only source of taxation that it can raise is through rates. Councils shall maintain the ability to rate differentially by land use, in consultation with the community, as a means of ensuring owners/operators of different land uses equitably fund the services they receive and to incentivise the use of land.

7.2.5 Fees and Charges

Councils recognise the importance of being able to raise revenue by setting their own fees and charges for the provision of services and facilities or to expiate offences. Councils, through the LGA, shall lobby for state government to de-regulate such fees and charges for the benefit of local communities.

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