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 Welcome to LGA Procurement 

  • LGA Procurement (LGAP) is a commercial entity owned by the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA of SA) and designed to support Councils to deliver best value for their communities.
  • LGAP is committed to identifying, developing and delivering value-added products and generating economies of scale through bulk purchasing, contract administration and e-commerce.
  • LGAP provides procurement good-practice documentation, training and leadership to the sector, and is proud to be able to offer these services for free or heavily subsidised to all SA Councils.

Mission Statement

  • To act as a central focus in Local Government in South Australia for all matters procurement through collaboration with other procurement bodies and Councils.
  • To develop sector procurement capability through skills development and research as a direct response to needs identified by Councils.
  • To identify, develop and deliver value added products/services to SA Councils and associated Local Government entities.

LGAP Strategic Plan 2016-2020

  • The LGAP Strategic Plan 2016-2020 is currently under development.

LGAP Forward Procurement Plan and Contract Offerings 2016 

Corporate Governance

For further information on Governance please contact LGA Procurement on 08 8224 2000 or via email at procurement@lga.sa.gov.au


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For further information on Freedom of Information and LGA Procurement, please contact us on 08 8224 2000 or via email at procurement@lga.sa.gov.au.

Little book of contracts

LGA Procurement Little Book of Contracts(2007 kb)


LGA Procurement understands the procurement business and works closely with LGA policy & legal staff, the LGA Workers Compensation and Mutual Liability Schemes and its intergovernmental partners.  LGA Procurement is also a member of the National Procurement Network.

NPN Logo

National Procurement Network

Established in 2005, the National Procurement Network (NPN) is the name given to the collective of all Australian State and Territory Local Government Association procurement arms. It is an informal, non-registered group that operates under a Memorandum of Understanding.

Each State and Territory has a Local Government peak body member organisation and procurement arm (the equivalent of the LGA of SA and LGA Procurement). These procurement entities provide a range of services to member Councils, including the provision of aggregated procurement services. The purpose of these entities is to harness the collective purchasing power of the Local Government sector, delivering savings in time and costs to member Councils.

The aim of the NPN is to coordinate a combined tendering approach to leverage the buying power of the entire Australian Local Government sector. The NPN assesses whether there is benefit in supply arrangements that would cover the entire sector across Australia or groups of States and Territories (Preferred Provider Panels) and if so, tenders to establish such arrangements.

The NPN comprises:

NPN Tendering and Contracting

Typically when tendering for the establishment of Preferred Provider Panels, one of the State entities will take the role of project manager, with each participating entity represented on the tender Panel. All participating States will contribute to the development and review of all Request For Tender (RFT) and associated contractual documents.  Each State entity has slightly different legislative requirements. Tender processes are conducted in such a manner that all State legislative requirements are met while using one common RFT and contract.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) maintains involvement with the network.

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