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State Government Budget

South Australian State Budget 2018-19

What it means for local government and SA councils 

Download the LGASA State Budget Analysis 2018-19(123 kb)


2018-19 State Budget Submission

The LGASA’s 2018-19 State Budget Submission, Partnering for economic and community development is available here: 2018 LGA State Budget Submission(853 kb)

On behalf of our member councils, the LGASA is looking forward to a 2018-19 State Budget that will ease the cost of living for South Australians, grow the economy and jobs, and support stronger communities.

The LGASA is optimistic about a future for South Australia that is supported by local government as a key driver of economic development, but less optimistic about a future in which local government’s capacity to partner with government and the private sector to build stronger communities becomes too restricted through policies such as rate capping.

Local government has proven to be a reliable and effective partner of successive State Governments over many years. The sector plays a critical role in supporting the State Government to achieve positive outcomes for South Australia. Independent modelling shows that the proposals in this submission will contribute more than $263 million to the economy and create 330 direct and 1,370 indirect jobs. Increased state funding at a local level is a sound investment. It will stimulate economic activity and employment both directly as well as support additional employment in related sectors.

The LGASA’s 2018/19 budget submission outlines more than 30 proposals issues and priorities for South Australian councils and communities, including stopping cost shifting from state to local government, benchmarking and local government reform, regional population growth, a smart cities partnership, planning reforms, certainty for libraries funding, community wellbeing, a rural health strategy and emergency management.

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