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2014 Local Government Elections Vote

Click the video above to find out how to vote. Remember your vote ballot papers must be received no later than 5pm Friday 7 November 2014. So on Friday don't post them, drop them in to the Council Office.

Find out about the candidates who want to Speak Up for you on Council here: Candidates Website

Why should you vote? Read on ...












Why vote ?


Click on the image above to view the  Why Vote? video

In a democracy, we give very significant powers to governments to make laws, raise and spend taxes, and manage the communities where we live and work. Giving that much power to any organisations can be risky! So to make sure these powers are managed in our best interests we get to choose the people in charge of governments through elections.

In SA, local Councils manage $20 billion worth of vital infrastructure:  from roads and drains to sporting and community facilities; and they direct about $2 billion a year of services and maintenance.  Yes you heard right, "billions!" Most of this is raised in a tax called Council rates.

Councils shape our communities and represent our interests to other governments. They can look after services and activities as diverse as: libraries; regional airports and airstrips; recycling; coastal management; dogs and cats; fire prevention; recreation; waste management; food safety inspections; immunisation; parks and gardens; local traffic and parking; public events; wetlands and dry areas; cycling tracks; crime prevention and environmental care - just to name a few.

Every four years we get to vote for the people we want to direct our Councils - the Councillors and Mayors who make decisions on our behalf. The next elections are happening now so it's worth taking the time to think about who you would like to manage these community affairs.

Councils do consult and listen to people between elections, but your next chance to change the people at the top who are doing the listening and deciding will be in 2018 so it's important to exercise your vote now.

If you want to find out more about Council Elections visit:

So How do Council Elections work?


Click on the image above to view the How do Council Elections work video.

Council elections are a lot like other elections but there are some differences. Firstly the vote comes to you via post - you don't need to go to a booth on election day. Secondly in SA, political parties are not generally involved so you need to look at what the candidates in your area are saying to decide which candidates to vote for. Also, we don't fine people for not voting, they just miss out on choosing their representatives.

There's a great website to help you find more about candidates at

The returning officer, or person in charge of running the elections, is the Electoral Commissioner of SA, under rules made by the South Australian Parliament: the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999.

Voting packs will be sent to enrolled voters between Monday 20 October and Friday 24 October and you should vote as soon as you receive them following the instructions provided.

You should send them back so they reach electoral staff no later than 5pm on 7 November. Late that week, remember you'll need to drop them into the Council Office. If they are still in the postal system at 5pm they can't be counted.

There are some important rules about elections which have significant penalties for things like bribery or intimidation regarding how someone votes or interfering with votes in other ways.

To find out more about how the election system works visit:

What will I receive in the voting pack?

Voting packs contain:

  • A ballot paper for each election being contested in the council area for which you are entitled to vote
  • Candidate profile brochure
  • A ballot paper envelope
  • A reply paid envelope
  • A Postal Voting Guide

Most electors will receive one voting pack. However, people who have additional properties or entitlements for a different election may receive more than one voting pack. Remember you can only vote once for each separate election.

If you have not received your voting pack by Monday 27/10/2014 contact Electoral Commission SA on 1300 655 232.

You can apply for voting material if you have been omitted from the Council Voters Roll in error, or you lost, spoilt, or did not receive your voting material. Applications for all voting material issued by post must be processed by 5pm Wednesday 5 November 2014.

Applications for all voting material issued in person must be processed by close of voting, 5pm Friday 7 November 2014.

How to complete your ballot papers

Complete your ballot papers by numbering the boxes in order of your choice.

You must number at least as many boxes as there are vacancies. The number of vacancies will be shown on the ballot paper.

Once you have completed your ballot paper:

  • Place it in the ballot paper envelope provided.
  • Seal it.
  • Complete your details and sign the envelope flap.
  • Place your completed ballot paper envelope in the reply paid envelope and mail it (or drop it into the Council Office) to reach the returning officer by close of voting.

Your ballot papers must be received by close of voting at 5pm on Friday 7 November.

Vote counting can take 3-4 days (sometimes more) to complete. Results will be made available at this site:

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