LGA Policy Manual

The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) is pleased to present this online and interactive version of the LGA Policy Manual.

The LGA Policy Manual comprise a number of Policy Statements grouped into seven main themes covering a range of issues currently affecting South Australian councils. Together, they provide guidance about how the sector can work together to tackle common issues recognising that there is strength in unity and being part of the solution.

Hierarchy of LGA Policy Manual

Hierarchy of the LGA Policy Manual

The Policies associated with the Statements have been developed based on experience and research, and provide an evidence base to support council planning and decision making processes. The Policies also identify how local government can be an important partner in government.

The Statements and Polices have been adopted by a majority vote of member councils at the Annual and Ordinary General Meetings of the LGA. These Policies will be used by the LGA and member councils in our joint advocacy on issues important to our members.

The content of the LGA Policy Manual will also be of interest to a range of other stakeholders, such as other spheres of government, the media, local communities and those thinking of becoming involved in or with local government.

LGA Policy Manual

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