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Local Government Policy Manual

Role of the LGA



The Local Government Association of South Australia

The LGA is recognised as the peak representative body for local government in this state and prides itself on being the ‘voice of local government’ in South Australia. The LGA provides leadership to councils and representation outwards to state and federal governments and other key stakeholders. 

Role and Function

Subclause 1(3) of Schedule 1 of the Local Government Act 1999 constitutes the LGA as a public authority for the purpose of promoting and advancing the interests of local government.

The LGA Constitution sets out the way in which the LGA shall be governed, along with its purpose, objects and powers, which facilitate core LGA activities of providing leadership and representation for councils along with undertaking lobbying and advocacy activities to facilitate sector advancement and reform.

The Constitution also sets out the requirement for the LGA to develop Strategic Plans, Annual Business Plans and Annual Budgets. Combined, these outline the direction in which the LGA will provide leadership, representation, lobbying and advocacy activities.

Core Responsibilities

Core responsibilities of the LGA are to:

  • act as the principle avenue of communication between member councils and state and federal governments while maintaining a non-partisan approach, to maximize leverage with all political parties for the advancement of the sector;  
  • monitor and evaluate state and federal government legislation, strategies, policies and programs which affect local government through liaising with member councils, preparing submissions and negotiating and advocating to achieve the best outcome for the sector;
  • support and collaborate with the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) as the federation of state and territory LGA’s (of which each state/ territory is a party to);
  • work with other state/ territory LGA’s and professional associations to identify common areas of interest;
  • provide leadership and initiate reform programs to enhance the role, function and performance of the sector, including its relationship with the other tiers of government; and
  • foster strong and productive relationships with the media with a view to promoting a greater understanding of local government and ensuring that communities are well informed about current issues and council services.

LGA Services

The LGA provides direct services to its member councils which include (links to all of the relevant webpages):


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