Stormwater Management Authority

Stormwater Management Authority

The Stormwater Management Authority was established on 1 July 2007 under the Local Government (Stormwater Management) Amendment Act 2007.

The term “stormwater” refers to rain that does not soak into the ground but runs off into drains.  Most stormwater will enter drains that flow into creeks and rivers and then out to sea.  Stormwater runoff is natural, but in urban areas the amount has increased by the presence of impervious surfaces.

State and local government have a long history of collaborating for the management of stormwater in South Australia and, since 1967, State Government grant funding has been available to assist councils to manage stormwater within their local council areas.

The Stormwater Management Authority (SMA) is a statutory corporation established pursuant to Schedule 1A of the Local Government Act 1999.  The SMA is governed by a board made up of representatives from both State and local government.

The SMA acts as a state-wide planning and prioritisation body for stormwater management and implements the Agreement on Stormwater Management between the State of South Australia and the Local Government Association of South Australia (the Stormwater Management Agreement).

The Stormwater Management Agreement promotes the management of stormwater in a way that delivers multiple benefits including flood protection, public amenity, healthy waterways and healthy coastal environments.

The Stormwater Management Fund has been established through the Stormwater Management Agreement to assist primarily local government in meeting the costs of stormwater management planning and stormwater infrastructure.

Further information including legislation, agreements and guidelines is available on the SMA website.

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