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Community housing cost shifting

Local government is propping up the State's housing policy.
In the last two years, the State Government has moved over 5000 public housing properties to Community Housing Providers.

This comes at a cost to local ratepayers in 17 affected councils, many of whom live in lower socio economic areas.

It has already cost local government around $4.4 million in lost rate revenue because of the mandatory rebates councils are required to provide. Each year, this $4.4 million cost must be picked up by pensioners, low income families and other ratepayers already under financial pressure.


With the expected transfer of another 12,000 properties, the rate burden would be around $10.7 million every year.

If all Housing SA properties were transferred to the community housing sector, the impact on local communities would be $30.6m each year and this would restrict the services councils can provide to their communities.

Public housing is a State Government responsibility. Shifting this to local government, leads to to an unfair burden on ratepayers.

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