For nominees and current councillors

I’m interested in nominating – where can I get more information?

The publication ‘Make a difference – nominate for council’, produced by the LGA for the 2018 periodic elections, is a good source of information about becoming a councillor. You can download is here: (insert link). There is also information on the ECSA website. Nomination kits will be available from ECSA and your council 2 weeks before nominations open.

When can I put signs up?

Signs can go up 4 weeks before the close of voting and must be removed within 48 hours of the election.

Can you help me set up my candidate statement/website/social media accounts?

No, neither the LGA or ECSA provide assistance with developing your campaign materials.

When can I start my promotion?

You can start general promotion as soon as nominations have closed, but should not put signs up until 4 weeks prior to the close of voting.

Do I need to have my full personal address and contact details on promotional material?

With the present legislation it is acceptable to include a post office address as long as there is additional information such as a phone number or email address so that the candidate can be contacted if there is an issue with the electoral material. EXCEPT FOR material that is published in a newspaper as a letter to the editor. It is an offence to publish the material without the name and address (not being a post box) of the writer of the letter. In the case of printed electoral material – the name and address of the printer must also be included.

Can I get help putting together my candidate profile (150 word statement)?

No, you should refer to the suggestions in the information booklet produced by the LGA for potential candidates.

What’s permitted in campaign fund raising for local council elections?

The legislation describes what is not permitted, rather than what is permitted.

The illegal practices section of the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (Part 12 sections 57-66) should be read and understood. In particular it should be noted that it is illegal to provide a bribe to influence someone’s vote.  So asking a group of friends to a quiz night to raise funds for your election campaign is likely to be acceptable unless a benefit were to be provided in some form with a clear expectation that it is being provided in return for a vote. Candidates should also be aware of the provisions of the Criminal Law Consolidation and ICAC Acts in relation to corruption and public officers.

Can I become an elected member on the local council if my husband is an employee?  I am also an ex-employee of the local council.

An employee of a council cannot nominate for the same council. However there is nothing precluding either a former employee, or the partner of an employee from nominating if the person meets all of the other requirements of section 17 of the Act.

Can a New Zealander living in Adelaide run for council?

A candidate must be an Australian citizen under section 17 (1) (a) (i) of the Act, but dual citizens are not precluded from nominating. So the fact that someone is or has been a New Zealand citizen does not preclude them from nominating if they meet all the requirements of section 17.