District Council of Grant - Central Ward - 12 October

Council:District Council of Grant
Election type:Ward Councillor
Wards:Central Ward
Rolls close5pm, Friday 31 July 2020
Close of nominations:12 noon, Thursday 10 September 2020
Election date:12 noon, Monday 12 October 2020
SA Electoral Commission's website:District Council of Grant - Central Ward - 12 October 2020


Close of nominations 12 noon on Thursday 10 September 2020.

At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Thursday 10 September 2020, a total of one nomination was received and accepted for the supplementary election.

The DC Grant supplementary election has concluded at the close of nominations with Gavin Clarke elected unopposed.

Mr Clarke did not submit a photograph with this nomination however has submitted the following statement:

I grew up in the Wandilo and Glenburnie regions before living throughout Australia working in the performing arts. A few years ago I returned to Glenburnie with my partner Anya, to raise our son and assist my parents Rex and Eve on the family farm, Greenhills, raising cattle, sheep and bees. I am passionate about creating a sustainable future for our children and strongly oppose the incursion of the short term, fossil fuel industry, in particular fracking, upon our invaluable, agricultural land. As a beekeeper, I appreciate the necessity of a vibrant ecosystem in supporting agriculture, and human life in general, and remain a proud advocate for greater environmental protection. I hope to bring my experience and insight working throughout regional Australia on community arts projects and in our major cities on large scale events, to expand Grant District's cultural capacity and support its many inspiring creators, venues and events.

Contact details: tellgavin@gmail.com & 0410 627 769


The election results are also available on the SA Electoral Commission website.