Yorke Peninsula Council - Gum Flat Ward

Council:Yorke Peninsula Council
Election type:Ward Councillor
Wards:Gum Flat Ward
Rolls close5pm, Tuesday 30 June 2020
Close of nominations:12 noon, Thursday 6 August 2020
Election date:12 noon, Monday 7 September 2020
SA Electoral Commission's website:Yorke Peninsula Council - Gum Flat Ward


Close of nominations 12 noon on Thursday 6 August 2020

List of candidates and their candidate profiles are available by clicking on the names below:

GUNNING, Richard

CLERKE, Trevor Noel

BROWN, Stephen Keith


LAMBERT, Vivienne

HEADON, Alan John

MURDOCK, Michael John


After the distribution of preferences Michael John Murdock obtained quota and was provisionally elected.

Further details about the election results have been published on the SA Electoral Commission website.