CWMS manhole rehabilitation demo

PPS are a pipeline specialist and provide a number of pipeline maintenance services including CCTV, pipe relining, asset condition reports and wastewater structure repair.

Staff were shown a manhole that displayed concrete corrosion, as a result of decades of exposure to hydrogen sulphide gas, and watched a demonstration of the final stages of manhole rehabilitation. The manhole had been cleaned and re-lined with a concrete product the previous day and PPS demonstrated how they apply the final protection step, by spraying with a proprietary product called Renoseal. This form of rehabilitation will extend the structures life by 25 years.

CWMS Manhole October 2020 council staff CWMS October 2020 manhole original CWMS manhole October 2020

The process took approximately a day and there was no interruption to service for the adjacent homeowners. Trenchless pipeline relining was also demonstrated and it was a surprisingly simple and effective process.

At the user group meeting it was highlighted that a regional procurement approach could offer groups of Councils improved pricing.

Contact the LGA Procurement team for more information.