LGA Procurement has COVID-19 implications covered!

LGA Procurement has assisted more than half of all SA councils over recent times with direct procurement support through our consultancy services ranging from telephone support and advice through to fully managed market approaches for CWMS and airport upgrades, complete light vehicle fleet management solutions and the scheduling of many kilometres of road upgrades.

Our managed contracts are allowing councils to find solutions from the best range of suppliers across 34 key service and supply areas. These contracts continue to be well managed and we have great visibility over supply chains and points of opportunity or pain. We know where to get stuff and how to get it to you quickly.

We are soon to launch a new wave of managed contracts that will follow our well-regarded strategy of supplier induction, best price and favourable contract T&C’s and local/regional options where feasible. This recalibration process is leading to better outcomes. We can show you how to reduce your internal costs and make significant savings on the purchase price. We have the data to support this and would love the opportunity to share it with you. Are you interested in finding out more?

Areas of high demand since the beginning of the COVID-19 issue for many councils related to the “emergency” declaration and the rush to equip staff with previously not considered health and safety equipment, primarily medical related.

LGA Procurement has provided staff and expertise to the LG Functional Support Group Logistics function seeking to establish supply chains for the supply of masks, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes; supplies not easily found or otherwise very, very expensive.

This work has been pivotal in achieving the following outcomes for our councils and providing certainty of supply and a significant reduction in anxiety and unnecessary expense:

  • 47 councils and 2 regional subsidiaries/entities have purchased goods through this arrangement.
  • Over $35,000 of supplies provided.
  • Approximately $18,000 of quantifiable savings achieved.
  • 11,600 antibacterial wipes supplied.
  • 786 litres of hand sanitiser gel supplied.
  • 4660 N95 face masks supplied.
  • 5700 pleated masks supplied.

This was also provided to all councils free of delivery charges!

For further information, please contact the team on 8224 2000 or via email procurement@lga.sa.gov.au.