Quick, compliant access to temporary labour

Comensura’s c.net Essential Service is now available to LGA Procurement members under the prescribed contract number
LGA 15-003.

You have easy and compliant access to fill as many, or few, temporary roles as you need via recruitment agencies. With c.net Essential you engage nominated recruitment suppliers without having to tender or obtain quotations, regardless of spend levels.

Access to your pre-qualified supplier list is managed through VendorPanel and your existing suppliers can be introduced to the program to enable you to engage with them compliantly. If you don’t know which agency you want to use, you can select by job category and location to help choose from a list of agencies.

c.net Essential can be up and running for you within one business day of completing the short, simple e-form. Once you engage your agency through VendorPanel, Comensura’s Vendor Management System (VMS), c.net, takes over to help manage:

  • Worker onboarding
  • Timesheets
  • Consolidated invoicing and payment, including all components on top of pay such as Superannuation, Work Cover, Agency Margin and any fees

c.net Essential can also arrange for referred workers to be engaged through a contracting company.

To find out more, read the c.net Essential FAQs, read the Steps Guide to using c.net or contact: