The Constitution Act 1934 (SA), the Local Government Act 1999 (SA), the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (SA), and the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act (SA) 2012 (the ICAC Act) create the legal framework within which Local Government operates and the four-yearly election process which underpins the representative nature of Local Government Councils.

All LGA Procurement arrangements are fully compliant with these Acts, to provide Local Government entities with the assurance that all suppliers are vetted and compliant based on a comprehensive tender, evaluation and approval process.

All LGA Procurement arrangements have been established with a focus on;

  • obtaining value in the expenditure of public money;
  • providing for ethical and fair treatment of participants; and
  • ensuring probity, accountability and transparency in procurement operations.

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) has developed a series of fact sheets, brochures and training packages to assist you to understand the role and functions of the OPI and ICAC. Additional information can be found below, or via their website

ICAC - Fact Sheets
ICAC - Brochures & Posters
ICAC - Training & Events

Any person performing contract work for a public authority or the Crown, including state and local governments, police or statutory offices, may be a public officer for the purposes of the ICAC Act.