Road Signs & Associated Products

LGA Procurement has established this panel to provide councils and local government entities with a preferred provider panel arrangement for the supply, delivery and installation of road signs and associated products.

Key contract information

Contract numberLGAP 17027
Contract start date1 March 2018
Contract expiry date28 February 2021
Extension options2 x 1 year extensions
Procurement methodRequest for quotation and/or via Notice of Participation
LGAP RFQ templateNo
  • Supply of road signs and associated services, and/or Installation of road signs and associated services
  • Supply of traffic control devices
  • Installation of traffic control devices
  • Australian Standard (AS) and South Australian Government Approved Road Signs, including but not limited to:
    • Warning
    • Regulatory
    • Advance directional
    • Tourist and recreation
    • Temporary
    • Street tags and nameplates
    • Customised road signs in accordance with specific customer design and manufacturing specifications
  • Hardware
  • Sign poles
  • Sign pole hardware
  • Sign legs for roadwork signage services
  • Road and traffic sign installation services
  • Other signage installation services
  • Guidepost installation services installation of traffic control devices
  • Electronic signage
  • Variable message boards
  • Portable traffic signals
  • Arrow boards
  • Building signs
  • Tourist signs
  • Custom
  • Miscellaneous hazard indicators, barriers and related traffic goods
  • Carpark items (wheel stops, speed humps etc)
  • Traffic cones
  • Barriers
  • Guide posts
  • Delineators and temporary pavement markers
  • Grabrails and handrails

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