Engineering Services

LGA Procurement has established a range of Engineering Consultancy Panels across three key categories, for immediate access through Vendor Panel arrangements:

  • Engineering Consultancy Services
  • Asset Management Services
  • Water Management Engineering Services

Key contract information

Contract numberLGAP 13-007
Contract start date30 June 2014
Contract expiry date30 June 2020
Extension optionsNIL remaining 
Procurement methodRequest for quotation and/or via Notice of Participation


The types of services available under this contract include:

  • Engineering Consultancy Services
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Supply of Materials Testing Services
  • Roads and Traffic Engineering
  • General Engineering Services
  • Aviation Engineering- Airport Infrastructure & Management
  • Disaster Assistance- Infrastructure Damage Assessment
  • Asset Management Services - including specialised asset services such as asset valuations
  • Water Management Engineering

More information

Engineering Consultancy Services

Civil Engineering 

  • Site inspection/investigation, infrastructure assessment/analysis, concept/preliminary/ detailed design, drafting and planning of residential, industrial and commercial infrastructure for urban and rural communities
  • Civil design drafting for land development
  • Engineering design and servicing of civil structures (roads, intersections, culverts, floodways, bridges, jetties, marinas etc)
  • Project/contract management and supervision of works projects
  • Geotechnical sampling, testing, inspection, assessment, analysis and reporting
  • Inspection of site works and liaison with subdivision construction contractors
  • Design of earth works and retaining structures
  • Structural design and certification of municipal buildings
  • Land reclamation assessment and recommendation
  • Supply of Materials Testing Services: Local government entities may require professional testing and assessment services for roads and infrastructure in the form of buildings, parks and gardens, recreational infrastructure, streetscape infrastructure and other assets under the ownership and maintenance of Local Government. Some of these tests may need to be carried out by laboratories accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), Australia. The testing may also require subsequent forensic analysis of the materials and structures

Electrical Engineering

  • Design of power generation and distribution
  • Design of underground services
  • Public street lighting assessment, review, design and reporting
  • Service relocations
  • Service authority liaison
  • Lighting strategies, plans, designs and policies
  • Lighting audits and certification
  • Specialist lighting design (eg. Floodlighting, car parks, trees)
  • Pumping station design

Mechanical Engineering

  • Engineering advice, design, testing and management of machines and mechanical equipment
  • Engineering services to support the operation of plant and fleet
  • Air conditioning and ventilation testing, assessment, design and reporting
  • Thermodynamic systems
  • Geothermal energy consulting
  • Materials handling

Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental audits
  • Storm and groundwater monitoring
  • Sustainable energy
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Environmental site inspections and investigations
  • Hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Land quality - site investigations and risk assessment

General Engineering Services

  • Preparation of grant funding applications
  • Traffic & Safety Analysis
  • Development application engineering assessment and reporting services
  • Project Management Services
  • Waste management and Recycling engineering services
  • Town planning
  • Mentoring and support for work managers
  • Policy and budget development

Aviation Engineering - Airport Infrastructure & Management

  • Design - Feasibility studies; Site selection; Planning, design & supervision of runways, taxiways & aprons; Design of approach lights
  • Planning - Master planning for airports and air traffic services; Planning of landslide & access facilities; Planning, design & supervision of terminal buildings; Runway length analysis; Airport safety & operational assessment; Runway pavement analysis; Airport facility planning/ engineering; Ground manoeuvring & gate planning
  • Consulting - Obstacle contours & maps; Maintenance management of airside & runway systems; Flight navigation aids & ground aids; Fuel efficiency - reducing fuel burn and carbon footprint; Business improvement of core processes
  • Related services - Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Acoustics & noise; Electrical engineering

Disaster Assistance - Infrastructure Damage Assessment

  • Betterment - Identify/determine what if any treatments are considered betterment; Discuss Betterment with Council; Determine if council are prepared to fund any restoration
  • Submission for funding - Submit draft submission for funding to LGASA for review and approval; Address audit queries; Submit final submission for funding for approval
  • Project Management and supervision
  • Complete monthly progress claims
  • Complete Close out forms

Asset Management Services

Asset Management

  • Asset management policy and associated framework
  • Asset class (group) management strategies and associate service level manuals
  • Asset management plans
  • Asset data collection
  • Asset condition surveys
  • Asset valuations
  • Database maintenance
  • Renewal programming (various)
  • Maintenance planning
  • Community consultation
  • Project management
  • Predictive modelling
  • Development asset growth/demand forecasting and associated financial modelling
  • Auditing and auditing advice
  • Risk management
  • Educational awareness training

Asset Management – defined scope and deliverables

  • Provision of road or path condition reports, with a specified length of road and specified frequency of inspection
  • Perform various condition monitoring of specified facilities
  • Testing and/or proofing of infrastructure and equipment assets
  • Data input and processing

Water Management Engineering

  • Civil design drafting
  • Water conveyance system design and design of water-supply systems
  • Concept design and feasibility for community based waste water management
  • Design of infill sewerage works and combined sewer overflows
  • Drainage Inspection Services
  • Storm and waste water reuse / recycling
  • Flood mitigation planning and design
  • Catchment engineering design and water monitoring design, installation and management
  • Pollution control services
  • Waterways enhancement rehabilitation design and construction services
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Potable water design
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics device design

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Individual agreements relating to this contract are available through VendorPanel.  In some instances, providers have negotiated amendments to the standard terms and conditions of contract.  

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Engineering Service Panel Specification

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