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A home for all things start-up, emerging and smart cities technology.

LGA Procurement are here to help you in this fast moving, ever growing environment - from sensors for measuring different things, smart charging stations, benches, Wi-Fi stations, rubbish bins and everything in between.

LGA Procurement have a significant number of South Australian based and national companies, that have cutting edge solutions and technologies to everyday problems, captured under our existing contracts.

Innovative products

Smart City and other related emerging technologies such as micro-grids, smart grids and ‘internet of things’ initiatives.

New technologies

Technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, drone technologies, LIDAR, and computer aided design.

Consulting - Design
Consulting - Energy Assessments / Auditing / Demand & Strategy
Consulting - Engineering Services
Consulting - Project Management
Consulting - Smart Cities Maturity Platform
Consulting - Software and online management
Products - Asset Tracking
Products - BBQ Current Monitoring
LGAP 20007 - CleanCubeProducts - Bin Level Sensors
Products - Custom Solar and Battery Solutions
Products - Environmental Monitoring System
Products - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Controls (HVAC)Products - Pedestrian / Tourist Counting
Products - SCADA Solutions
Products - Smart Control Systems / Operations & Maintenance
Products - Smart Lighting / LED / Street & Sports
Products - Smart Parking, Screens & Poles
Products - Smart Street Furniture / Shelters / Benches (includes the SEDI range)
Products - Solar Compacting Rubbish Bin
Products - Trail / Playground Measurement
Products - Vehicle Presence Detection
Products - Wide Area Sensor Network Gateways (LoRaWAN)

Suppliers will be added as the panel progresses.


Transcending the global Smart City agenda, Cognisense (patent pending) is a cognitive IoT and analysis platform that captures citywide data via a meshed sensor array that provides deep longitudinal insights into a city's activity, liveability and environment. Cognisense creates a real-time holistic understanding, cognitive sense, of the city it monitors, guiding behavioral change, better policies and better quality of living.

Maximum Energy

Maximum Energy assess, design and implement the most cost-effective pathway to lower grid supplied energy – Delivering positive outcomes for their clients. 

SAGE Automation

SAGE delivers agile, scalable and secure solutions that don’t just solve current problems, but pre-empt and deter future ones, helping your organisation thrive.

SEA Electric

SEA Electric is an Australian company, that specialises in the assembly and electrification of 100% electric commercial vehicles around the world. SEA Electric a third party supplier that fits the appropriate sized 100% electric power systems to different size trucks and vans which vary depending on the customers requirements and reduces their carbon footprint.

Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions delivers advantages that are measurable, efficient, and beneficial to councils, the community and the environment. The CleanCube is their flagship product and the worlds smartest waste bin with solar-powered waste compaction.

Specialised Solutions

Specialised Solutions has the vision to be the first choice engineering company for Tier 1 builders and government project stakeholders when seeking state of the art, innovative and dependable engineering solutions.

Yup Yup Labs

Yup Yup Labs can help you with all of your smart cities needs. They mix together urban planning, customer experience and innovative technology to create new solutions. Yup Yup Labs specialises in service design, user experience, strategy development and out-of-the-box technology solutions.

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