Corporate/Workwear, PPE and Safety Products

LGA Procurement has partnered with seven prominent South Australian businesses to deliver a new, locally-focussed corporate and work wear preferred supplier panel for local government.

Use this contract to procure:

  • Corporate clothing and other items
  • Suiting
  • Separates
  • Knits, casuals and polar fleece
  • Corporate footwear
  • Accessories (Belts/Ties/Hats etc)
  • PPE (High Vis, Night Vis)
  • WHS Products incl. defibrillators and First Aid supplies
  • Safety Footwear and equipment

Services available via this contract:

  • Corporate Logos (Embroidered, Patch, Transfer etc)
  • Onsite Services (Sampling Packages and Fitting Services)
  • Made to Measure Services (including alteration services)
  • Post Pick Embroidery
  • Stock Services (automatic stock replenishment / online ordering)

Preferred providers

Key contract information

Contract numberLGAP 19053
Contract start date1 July 2019 - Corporate Wear
1 October 2019 - Workwear and Personal Protective Clothing 
Contract expiry date30 June 2022
Extension options2 x 12 month extensions at the absolute discretion of LGA Procurement
Procurement methodRequest for quotation and/or via Notice of Participation
LGAP RFQ templateNo

To view the contract flyer, please click the following link - Corporate Wardrobe, Workwear

Click here to see a list of the organisations eligible to access this contract.

How to obtain a quote

This contract can be accessed via VendorPanel.

Detailed information on contract pricing can be accessed through VendorPanel. Please refer to the Pricing Confidentiality Notice on VendorPanel for further advice on how to access pricing and terms and conditions of contract information.

To access the VendorPanel portal click here.  If you are new to VendorPanel contact us for a login and user guide.

Purchases conducted outside of Vendor Panel portal can still be covered under LGA Procurement’s established contract arrangements. To ensure you are covered by the terms and conditions of the contract simply complete a voluntary Notice of Participation (NoP).