Information and communication technologies

Councils are able to access this panel to procure a wide range of ICT goods and services. The Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Panel has been established in partnership with the Local Government Information Technology Group of SA (LGITSA) – who have worked to ensure an up-to-date and relevant range of services for councils.

This is a SA-specific arrangement tailored to suit the needs of councils across the State.

Key contract information

Contract numberLGAP 16-001
Contract start date26 August 2019
Contract expiry date25 August 2020
Extension options2 x 1 year options
Procurement methodRequest for quotation through VendorPanel 
LGAP RFQ templateYes

The Panel provides for the supply of a range of goods and services:


Hardware - traditional ICT, hardware support operations, networking, devices connect to ICT network, mobile devices (including tablets & smartphones), audio/visual (AV including interactive white boards and information display panels), emerging hardware, library and community, print/scanning (including 3D) and CCTV equipment, network communications.

Hardware disposal - including disposal of uninterruptable power supplies and disposal of batteries.

Associated services - including custom and third party hardware as required, integration services, business process improvements - RevuMap, Kodak Capture Pro Software Licensing, installation, configuration and training, IAAS, BAAS, DRAAS, high speed fibre and SHDSL services, tagging, wiping, leasing, AMS services, GIS services, MSM/SCV services, implementation services for specialised network security solutions software and media destruction.

Specialist ICT consultancy - strategy, project and program, solution provision, service management, information management and records management service and procurement and quality.

Managed services - ICT infrastructure service, network management services, middleware services, collaboration services and ICT management capability

Innovative products - Smart City and other related emerging technologies such as micro-grids, smart grids and ‘internet of things’ initiatives. New technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, drone technologies, LIDAR, and computer aided design.

A number of suppliers are able to offer cloud services or are able to access the federal government’s Cloud Contract which is available to all federal, state and local government agencies across Australia.  Click here to access the Australian Government’s ICT Procurement Portal and follow the User Registration process to self-register.

For a quick video tour of the LGAP Contracts process including a simple "How to obtain your Quote", please see video below, which has been generously provided by our Partner in this Contract, LGITSA. LGAP wishes the acknowledge and thank them for their valuable input.

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Category Matrix

ICT Contract Matrix - All Categories(414 kb)
ICT - Consultancy Services Matrix (440 kb)

ICT - Hardware Disposal & Other Assoc Services(426 kb)
ICT - Hardware Matrix(244 kb)
ICT - Innovative Products(429 kb)
ICT - Managed Services(235 kb)
ICT - Software Matrix Data(453 kb)

How to obtain a quote

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Contract 16-001 - RFQ Template 
Contract 16-001 - RFQ Template Attachment A 

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Benefits of purchasing through this contract

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