Open spaces, parks, play, sport and recreation

LGA Procurement together with LocalBuy Queensland have undertaken a tender process for provision of Open Spaces, Parks, Play, Sport & Recreation goods and services for Local Government.

In development of this market approach, LGA Procurement was keen to ensure that SA Councils were able to identify providers which would assist in meeting regional purchasing strategies. The South Australian Industry Participation Policy, established by State Government, focuses on the inclusion of an economic benefit assessment when undertaking and evaluating procurement.

Response questions were included to enable identification of a South Australian Panel of Providers, comprising companies with a SA presence – in respect of elements of manufacture; fabrication; distribution; assembly and installation.  A number of non-SA suppliers were included as it was considered that the products/services were of a nature that may be of specific interest to Councils.

Sport and Fitness

Sports and fitness equipment and facilities

Landscaping & Gardening

Fertilisers & mulches, Organic waste supply & acceptance, Paving, Plants, Pots, art, screening and sculpture, Turf, soils and compost and Garden/plant watering equipment (tanks, associated pumps, watering systems, hoses, outlets, etc)

Street & Park Furniture

Bollards, Litter bins and enclosures, Benches, seats & tables, Water fountains, Storage (including bike racking), Screens, Small platforms and Tree furniture

Outdoor Lighting

Street lighting, Pathway lighting, Sports field lighting, Lamps & poles, Lighting control systems, Mains powered and Solar powered

Outdoor Structures

Boardwalks, large platforms & access structures, Bus stop shelters, Pedestrian bridges, Pontoons & associated structures, Retaining walls, Shade structures & shade sails, Shelters, including gazebos & rotundas, Tool and garden sheds

Pathways and Fencing

Footpaths & pathways, Walking & bike trails, Bike paths and Permanent fencing

Playground Equipment

All abilities playground equipment and Cubby houses

Public Facilities & Amenities

Restrooms, Dog off leash areas, Barbecues, Outdoor heaters & kitchens, Portable grandstands & seating and Recreational facilities

Synthetic Ground Cover

Soft fall surfaces, Artificial/synthetic grass/turf, Athletic surfaces and Safety matting

Facilities & Amenities

Construction, Installation, Maintenance, Demolition of:

  • Fitness equipment, Outdoor/street furniture, Outdoor lighting, Outdoor structures, Pathways and fencing, Playground equipment, Public facilities & amenities, Shade structures, Swimming pools (maintenance only) and Synthetic ground cover


  • Cleaning and Graffiti removal

Landscape & Garden

Construction, Installation, Maintenance, Demolition of:

  • Associated equipment, Gardens, plants and trees, Garden edging, Lawns & turf and Streetscapes

Services may include

  • Arboricultural services, Erosion and sediment control, Landscaping & gardening, Land rehabilitation, Pest & weed control and Revegetation


  • Quality and compliance Inspection
  • Assessment, certification & accreditation
  • Determine equipment compliance with legislation (incl Australian Standards)
  • Specialised sport & recreational facility consultancy
  • Adventure Playgrounds Pty Ltd T/as adventure+
  • Bluedog Fences
  • BRL Electical Services Pty Ltd
  • Consolidated Landscape Services
  • Consulting Coordination Australia PTY LTD
  • Creative Recreation Solutions
  • CSA Trust t/as Commercial Systems Australia Pty Ltd
  • Dalton Consulting Engineers
  • Durapol Pty Ltd
  • EP Draffin Manufacturing
  • Exeloo Pty Ltd
  • Exteria - Landmark Engineering & Design Pty Ltd
  • Fabranamics Pty Ltd T/A Pureablue
  • Felton International Group
  • Fieldquip
  • G. James Extrusion Co Pty Ltd
  • Gerard Lighting Pty. Ltd.
  • GLG Greenlife Group
  • Globe Growing Solutions
  • Gossi Park & Street Furniture
  • Green Frog Systems Pty Ltd
  • Greenplate Pty Ltd
  • Greenplay Australia Pty Ltd
  • Imagination Play
  • JASSTECH Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Keipaul Pty Ltd T/AS Forpark Australia SA/NT
  • Kenguru Professional Australia P/L
  • Kompan Playscape Pty Ltd
  • Landmark Products Pty Ltd
  • Leadsun Australia
  • Makmax Australia Pty Ltd
  • Moduplay Group Pty Ltd
  • Moodie Outdoor Products
  • Omnitech Playgrounds
  • Orca Solar Lighting Pty Ltd
  • Orion Solar
  • Outfront Concepts Pty Ltd
  • ParkSheds
  • Playground Centre Australia Pty Ltd trading as Playground Centre
  • Playmazing
  • Playrope Pty Ltd
  • Playscape Creations
  • Proludic Pty Ltd
  • Quin Sports and Nets
  • Repeat Plastics Aust P/L T/a REPLAS
  • Smartlux Pty Ltd
  • Shadeform (Soulsby Sails P/L)
  • Space Landscape Construction
  • Sportsfield Innovations Pty Ltd
  • Stoddart Infrastructure a div of Tom Stoddart Pty Ltd
  • StraBe Group
  • Surfacing Contractors Australia Pty Ltd
  • Terrain Group
  • The Play Works
  • Tredwell Management Services
  • Unisite Group
  • Wagner CFT
  • WC Innovations Pty Ltd
  • Weathersafe Shades Pty Ltd
  • WillPlay Pty Ltd


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The following documents provide detailed information on the panel suppliers, specifications and contractual arrangements.

Open Spaces - SA Matrix - January 2020(147 kb)

BUS267 - General Conditions of Contract(565 kb)
BUS267 - Default Purchaser Conditions of Contract (Works)(546 kb)
BUS267 - Default Purchaser Conditions of Contract (Goods & Services)(428 kb)

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Key contract information

Contract numberBUS267
Contract start date1 November 2018
Contract expiry date31 October 2021
Extension options3 x 12 month extension options available
Procurement methodRequest for quotation via VendorPanel
Category matrix
and contract information 
See the contract flyer: Open Spaces January 2020