Fuel Tax Credits

LGA Procurement is pleased to offer a service for the review and collection of any outstanding Fuel Rebates and Fuel Subsidies that may be available to eligible organisations.

No Savings achieved =  No Fee payable!

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Complete the provided authorisation letter and provide to LGA Procurement

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Since 2015, reviews of 39 councils (35 Regional & 4 Metro) and 3 Local Government Subsidiaries have identified more than $1,500,000 of Rebate credits!

LGA Procurement is pleased to offer a service to all SA Council’s & Subsidiaries for the review and collection of any outstanding Fuel Rebates and Fuel Subsidies that may be available. Recent reviews have seen a Regional Council obtaining a $150,000 rebate, another receiving $22,000 and a large metropolitan council receiving just over $30,000 that was then used to fund a project that had not been budgeted for.

Is your Council or Subsidiary claiming its due?


LGA Procurement engages AIT Specialists Pty Ltd to provide the following services:

  • Review Fuel Tax Credit claims and prepare retrospective claims for any missed credits
  • Provide advice on appropriate systems to use in the preparation of claims
  • Act as a point of contact for all matters regarding Fuel Tax Credits
  • Prepare ongoing claims for councils

It takes minimal effort with AITS only requiring an initial meeting and council provision of a list of fleet vehicles and amount of fuel purchased.

A key point to the rebate reviews, is that claims can be made retrospectively across a four year period (even for the new categories) – so it’s worth pencilling in a revisit every two years.

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New ATO Practice Statement - 2018

The ATO has recently released a new practice statement which effects most councils and businesses in SA.  With the ATO's strict 4-year retrospective claim policy, it is imperative that all councils take advantage of this new policy as soon as possible to maximise this extra revenue stream.  AIT Specialists has significant experience in this area and makes the process simple and cost efficient.

Fuel Tax Credits

  • No savings = no fee unless retrospective rebate is identified and collected from the ATO.
  • Opportunity for claiming rebates across a 4 year retrospective period.
  • Analysis undertaken by expert in the field of review and collection of outstanding Fuel Tax Credits.
  • Potential identification of fuel not covered under the ATO writings—to be presented seeking a private ruling.
  • All retrospective claims and negotiations with the ATO through the BAS, undertaken by experts on council's behalf.
  • Voluntary disclosure of overpayments has to date resulted in negotiations with ATO waiving all penalties.
  • Advice on ongoing reporting to meet administrative and legislative regulations.

AIT Specialists Pty Ltd

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If you would like to proceed with a review, simply complete this Authorisation Letter below and return via email to LGA Procurement.

Authorisation Letter Template