Trucks for local government

This contract has been developed in conjunction with the National Procurement Network to provide access to a panel of approved suppliers of trucks.

Note: Review the guidelines to determine whether you need to use this contract or the trucks (specialised) and bodies contract NPN 1.15, when seeking your request for quote.

Key contract information

Contract numberNPN 04-13
Contract expiry date1 October 2013
Contract expiry date30 September 2020
Extension options3 x 1 year
Procurement methodRequest for quotation via VendorPanel
LGAP RFQ templateYes


Light Rigid
Greater than 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) but equal to or less than 8 tonnes GVM or a vehicle that seats more than 12 adults.

Medium Rigid
A two-axle rigid vehicle, including bus truck, greater than 8 tonnes GVM.

Heavy Rigid
Any rigid vehicle with three or more axles, including bus truck, greater than 8 tonnes.

Prime Mover
Prime mover or single semi-trailer exceeding 9 tonnes, or rigid vehicle plus trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM

Note: If you wish to purchase a refuse vehicle, road sweeper or road maintenance unit, you should seek quotations under contract NPN 1.15 for trucks (specialised) and bodies.

Click here to see a list of the organisations eligible to access this contract.

Please be aware that if you request your local dealer to modify the cab on a vehicle in any way (e.g. by cutting holes in the cab) it will:

  • Invalidate the cab's ECE R29 compliance.
  • Invalidate manufacturer's warranty (warranty coverage of any defects that could be attributed to the cab modification would be the responsibility of the modifying agency)
  • Limit the body weight and load capacity of the vehicle by up to 50% (extra 500KG is not permitted on front axle).

It has also become apparent that some body-makers fitting extra front axels and dual steering have not taken into consideration the weight of these extra items when calculating the front axle load rating. It is suggested that you may wish to confirm with the manufacturers that any extra items have been allowed for in the calculation for load capacity of the front axle.

This contract can be accessed via VendorPanel.

Review the guidelines document to determine whether you need to use the truck or specialised body contract to complete your request for quote.

More information about the contract, and a template to assist you in preparing your RFQ is provided below.

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