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Shovel Ready supports councils to prepare, plan and deliver projects that will help rebuild our economies and communities after COVID-19, bushfires and drought.

Strong advocacy from the LGA and ALGA this year has resulted in millions of dollars of funding being allocated to local government for stimulus projects.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to access grants and bring forward investment in infrastructure and projects that will create a lasting legacy for our State.

However, it also places new pressure on our sector to act quickly and make sure we meet all of our reporting requirements.

Working with the LGFA, LGA Procurement, LG Professionals SA and Norman Waterhouse Lawyers, the LGA has created the Shovel Ready program to provide councils with a wide variety of services and resources to help prepare, plan and deliver projects in a challenging market.

Shovel Ready Connect

We are pleased to introduce Shovel Ready Connect.

Shovel Ready Connect is a free 1-hour advisory workshop for council CEOs and senior managers to tap into a panel of trusted and experienced local government legal, finance, procurement and strategic advisory partners.

Through this one-of-a-kind offering, LGA member councils have access to an independent sounding board to assist you prepare, plan and deliver economic stimulus projects for your community.

Shovel Ready Connect is available now and can be delivered online or in person at Local Government House – it’s easy, confidential and free.

For more information please contact the Shovel Ready hotline on 8224 2021 or email

Shovel Ready supporting organisations - LGA Procurement, LG Professionals, LGFA, Norman Waterhouse

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Andrew Leader
Economic Stimulus Program Coordinator