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The government stimulus flowing into markets in the short term presents both opportunity and challenge for councils.

Norman Waterhouse is a proven, helpful partner of councils seeking to take up opportunity while managing challenges and attendant risk.

Through the strategic partnership with the LGA, Norman Waterhouse are tapped into the latest problems that councils are dealing with and the solutions.

The simplest way to test it, is to call Norman Waterhouse – it’s free for the first 10 minutes or you could take up the Shovel Ready Connect offer.

Tell Norman Waterhouse about what you are thinking of doing and ask them if they think they can help.

The sorts of issues Norman Waterhouse advise councils on, cover everything from project concept through to post project maintenance and everything (and there’s a lot in that) in between.

To discuss the legal offerings provided by Norman Waterhouse please contact: Sean Keenihan on 8210 1293.

For more information on Shovel Ready or Shovel Ready Connect please contact the Shovel Ready Hotline on 8224 2021 or

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Andrew Leader
Economic Stimulus Program Coordinator