MRLGA and the eight constituent councils wish to thank those who responded to public consultation on the draft Public Health Plan.
View the Summary Engagement report on the draft Regional Public Health Plan

As a Regional Subsidiary of the Member Councils, the Association has as its governing document, a Charter as provided for under the Local Government Act 1999. The purpose for which the Association has been established is to: Undertake coordinating, advocacy and representational roles for it's constituent Councils at a regional level. Facilitate and coordinate activities of local government at a regional level related to environment, economic and social development with the object of achieving continual improvement for the benefit of the communities of it's constituent Councils.
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"We invite you to browse through our website, to acquaint yourself with the activities, functions and outcomes of this Association.

If you have any issues that require clarification, or explanation, please Contact Us."

Mayor Peter Hunt, President
Murraylands and Riverland Local Government Association