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LGA Community Engagement Forum – Thursday 6 September 2018 – call for registrations - Circular 33.16

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Date 16 August 2018
Contact Trudy Muggridge
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Summary A number of recent developments have the potential to impact community engagement processes in the local government sector. The LGA will provide an update on these developments, at a Community Engagement Forum to be held on 6 September 2018.

LGA Community Engagement Forum – Thursday 6 September 2018

The LGA recognises that a number of recent developments need to be considered by managers and community engagement practitioners before embarking on public consultation processes. 

These include recent judicial interpretation of the public consultation provisions in the Local Government Act 1999, the upcoming implementation of the Community Engagement Charter under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016(PDI Act) and developments in best practice engagement approaches generally. 

In light of these developments, the LGA believes it is timely to provide practitioners with an overview of them, and what they mean for community engagement processes going forward, and to provide a forum for practitioners to discuss and obtain peer support in relation to working through the changes.  

The LGA is now calling for registrations to attend the Community Engagement Forum. 

Part 1  Model Public Consultation Workshop
Provides an opportunity to participate in discussions about the LGA's draft model Public Consultation Policy, which will include:

  • Session 1: the revised draft LGA Public Consultation Policy – Model Policy document; 
  • Session 2: Community Engagement Charter under the PDI Act; and 
  • Session 3: updates to LGA Community Engagement Handbook.  

The purpose of part 1 is to explore how these developments/influences interact with each other and how they can be reconciled and taken into account when undertaking community engagement processes day to day.  

Part 2 Community Engagement Symposium
Includes presentations and facilitated discussions with community engagement experts about:

  • Best practice engagement techniques and case studies; 
  • Community engagement online tools – Dan Popping Bang the Table; 
  • Professional development and networking session for practitioners.  

*Part 2 is a paid session with a fee of $50 per person (catering and speaker costs).


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For more details on Part 1, please contact Emily Heywood-Smith

For more details on Part 2, please contact Trudy Muggrige


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