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SA Power Networks Customer Consultative Panel: Opportunity to be involved - Circular 38.4

To Chief Executive Officer
Community Services Staff
Corporate Services Staff
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Environment Staff
Information - Engineering Staff
Marketing and Public Relations Staff
Policy and Strategic Planning Staff
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Date 16 September 2019
Contact Katherine Russell
Response Required Yes Respond By 8 November 2019
Summary Nominations are invited for an LGA representative on the SA Power Networks Customer Consultative Panel. Nominations must be forwarded to the LGA by Friday 8 November 2019.

The SA Power Networks (SAPN) Customer Consultative Panel (the Panel) was established in 2005 to ensure customer views are incorporated into decision-making.  The purpose of the Panel is to enable the views of a diverse range of customers to be represented and SAPN is committed to improving the ways it engages and makes decisions. 

SAPN is the sole distribution network service provider in South Australia, supplying electricity to approximately 860,000 homes and businesses across the State.  

The operations of the Panel are governed by the Customer Consultative Panel Information pack(4214 kb)  (the Information Pack):

Customer Consultative Panel members

The Panel currently comprises 7 members, including:
Andrew Dance               Chair 

Heather Smith               Changing Weather (Renewables Reference Group)

Wendy Shirley               Community Reference Group 

Jenny Marwood             Community representative 

Kelvin Trimper               Arborist Reference Group 

Mark Henley                  Uniting Communities 

Pat Gerace                    Urban Development Institute of Australia

There is no current LGA representative.

Customer Consultative Panel functions

Members of the Panel are expected to:

  • provide input into SAPN decision-making by representing the interests of customers; 
  • advocate for the needs and priorities of all customers; 
  • drive co-design with customers of services, products and processes; and 
  • ensure alignment with customer priorities in a rapidly changing environment.

The role of members

The role of members of the Panel includes: 

  • a desire to work collaboratively with SAPN; 
  • representing the interests of local government and ensuring information from meetings is fed back to the LGA;
  • identifying areas for additional customer engagement activities or co-design with customers; and  identifying priority topics for discussion by the Panel.
Skills and experience required 
The Information Pack states that it is expected that customers will have a basic understanding or interest in the electricity industry and a willingness to commit time to working with SAPN.  SAPN is looking for people who want to engage in discussion with it and its stakeholders and represent the broader interests of customers. Positions are for a period of two years with an option to renew for a further 2-year term. 
Expertise and knowledge on one or more of the following areas is considered highly desirable by SAPN:
  • innovation and the future of energy 
  • social inclusion 
  • basic understanding or interest of the energy distribution and regulatory environment in which SA Power Networks operates.


Meeting arrangements
The Panel meets quarterly for three-hour meetings on a day to be decided by the Panel.
Representatives on the Panel are entitled to a sitting fee of up to $2,500 per member per annum. This is based on $1,500 for work outside of meetings plus $1,000 for attendance and participation at four meetings with a sitting fee of $250 per meeting to be paid retrospectively.
Panel Members should also be available to attend and participate in Community Information Sessions with the broader community in metropolitan Adelaide, rural and regional locations on occasion (a program of engagement to be developed in consultation with the Panel for 2020 and 2021).
LGA nominees to external bodies are required to provide a short general report annually to the LGA outlining the achievements of the committee.  The Panel Information Pack also specifically requires members to report back to the organisation they represent.
Process of appointment
Nominations which meet the criteria in the LGA Policy and the Panel Information Pack will be considered by the LGA Board at its meeting on Thursday 21 November 2019. 
According to the LGA Policy, LGA nominations to outside bodies will, unless determined otherwise by the LGA Board of Directors, be:
  • currently serving council members or council staff 
  • made on merit-based principles giving due weight to gender balance.
Councils may provide nominations to addressing the selection criteria provided in Part A:
based on Part B:
together with a current CV, by Friday 8 November 2019.
Please direct any queries to: 
Katherine Russell, Senior Policy Officer tel: 8224 2067

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