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Opportunity to contribute to the Federal Senate Select Committee’s inquiry into Temporary Migration - Circular 2.10

To Chief Executive Officer
Economic Development and Tourism Staff
Elected Members
Governance Officers
Date 9 January 2020
Contact Brianna McGee
Response Required Yes Respond By 31 January 2020
Summary Temporary Migration is an important contributor to South Australia’s economic growth, particularly in regional areas. The Senate Select Committee inquiry seeks to report on the impact temporary migration has on the economy, wages and jobs, social cohesion and workplace rights and conditions.

On 5 December 2019, the Senate resolved to establish a Select Committee on Temporary Migration to inquire into and report on the impact temporary migration has on the Australian economy, wages and jobs, social cohesion and workplace rights and conditions.

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry refer to:

a) government policy settings, including their impact on the employment prospects and social cohesion of Australians;

b) the impact of temporary skilled and unskilled migration on Australia’s labour market;

c) policy responses to challenges posed by temporary migration;

d) whether permanent migration offers better long-term benefits for Australia’s economy, Australian workers and social cohesion;

e) the impact of wage theft, breaches of workplace rights and conditions, modern slavery and human trafficking on  temporary migrants; and

f) any related matters.

For further information into this inquiry and the terms of reference please refer to the webpage. 

The LGA is motivated to ensure local government has a strong voice in contributing to the development of sustainable economic development in South Australia. Coordination between local, state and federal government is central to ensure policies developed to address skill shortages in South Australia are targeted at areas of occupational demand in each local community.  

The LGA has undertaken significant research to support its advocacy for a strategic approach to attracting and retaining people with skills in South Australia, growing the economy and ensuring the state remains a desirable place to live, work and thrive into the future. For information on this research please follow this link:  

The LGA is interested in your experiences with temporary visas being utilised as a tool to attract migration to your community and the benefits and limitations of these visas to the economic and social wellbeing of your community.

Finally, the LGA is interested to learn if your council has had any experiences with the 190 visa. Consultation on South Australia’s Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMAs) highlighted that specific 190 visa regulations (limiting migrants to only work in the state that the visa is issued and difficult inter-state visa transfer mechanisms), has deterred migration to regional and remote South Australia.

This is an opportunity to have your say, share experiences and discuss the benefits and any areas of improvement for temporary migration in Australia.  

If you wish to contribute to the LGA submission, please provide all comments to Brianna McGee by no later than 31 January 2020.

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