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LGA Procurement Training - Circular 3.3

To Chief Executive Officer
Community Services Staff
Corporate Services Staff
Customer Service - Reception Staff
Economic Development and Tourism Staff
Elected Members
Emergency and Risk Management Staff
Employee Relations - Human Resources
Environment Staff
Environmental Health Staff
Finance and Accounting Staff
General Inspector
Governance Officers
Information - Engineering Staff
Information -Technology Staff
Librarian - Information Staff
Marketing and Public Relations Staff
Parks and Recreation Staff
Planning - Building Staff
Policy and Strategic Planning Staff
Procurement Staff
Recycling - Waste Management
Returning Officer
Sustainability Officers
Date 14 January 2020
Contact Keith Barber
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Summary Do you have staff who purchase on behalf of your Council who have no training in procurement? Are you aware of the risks associated with staff purchasing goods or services who do not have appropriate skills? Are you looking for an easy solution to assist in building your staff’s purchasing skills and in turn help reduce associated risk and add value for money to your purchasing? Well, do we have a course for you !!!!

LGA Procurement has launched its Procurement & Contract Management Training Program – 2020 and on the 4th February presents its first module for the year “Procurement Essentials”.  

This course provides an overview and skills in purchasing in the sector.

Staff undertaking this course will gain a broad understanding of the frameworks and legislation that may apply when carrying out Local Government purchasing activities.

A key focus of this course is to help you understand what you need to know to select the correct approach which will help Council and suppliers to gain great outcomes.

Course participants will gain:

  • knowledge of basic purchasing concepts
  • an end-to-end understanding of how to run a sound purchasing process in the sector
  • knowledge of how to develop requirements for simple purchases. 

Participants will also be introduced to evaluation methodology and negotiation processes and basic contract management principles.

Course outline

-        Local Government framework, rules, legislation, regulations and policy

-        ICAC

-        Basic Purchasing and Strategic Purchasing

-        Centralised, Decentralised and Hybrid Purchasing

-        Specifying Requirements

-        Specifications Principles

-        Market Assessment

-        Various Purchasing Methods

-        Evaluating Offers

-        Contract Management Fundamentals

-        Record Keeping


Register for this course here


Contact our Procurement Specialist and Trainer, Keith Barber on 8224 2065 for further details.

Click here to view the 2020 Procurement training program.

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