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Landscapes Levy - Rates, Boundaries and Regulations - Circular 9.4

To Chief Executive Officer
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Sustainability Officers
Date 26 February 2020
Contact Andrew Lamb
Response Required Yes Respond By 24 April 2020
Summary This Circular and the attachment provide information to councils on setting their Landscapes Levy (in 2020-21 and 2021-22), the new boundaries for Landscapes Regions and issues the sector need to consider before the Landscapes Regulations are drafted. Council feedback will inform LGA advocacy. Nominations to NRM Boards are now open. Details are included.

Under the new Landscapes Act, councils will need to collect the Landscapes Levy (formerly called the NRM Levy) on behalf of the State Government.
The attachment below explains what is proposed for FY20-21 Levy and the changes proposed for FY21-22 Levy and beyond.
The attachment also provides a link to the new the 'Landscape Management Region' boundaries. The aim was for these to coincide with council boundaries. The LGA requests that councils review these boundaries and provide feedback. This feedback will inform LGA advocacy.
General Regulations for under the Landscapes Act have not yet been made. The LGA will advocate for Regulations which ensure councils will be reimbursed for their full costs in collecting this Levy. Our next step is to map these actual and potential council costs. 
The Circular also sets out a range of other issues, where councils (or the LGA on behalf of councils) can have ongoing input into Landscapes Act issues. 
The Government is now calling for nominations to NRM Boards. See
The LGA was successful in securing amendments to the Act, so that local government experience is now one of the desirable qualifications and the LGA must now be consulted.
We encourage councils to engage with the nomination process.
Click here to download the Landscape Levy

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