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The Community Development Evaluation Framework


Welcome to the entry page for the Community Development Evaluation Framework.


The Community Development Evaluation Framework is a decision-making tool to assist Local Government plan for, and implement evaluation of Community Development activities.

Before you start your next Community Development project take a moment to think about how much time/effort/money you can allocate to the evaluation, the purpose of your evaluation (e.g. just counting numbers, measuring immediate change or measuring long term change). Then simply go to the part of the toolkit where your effort and purpose intersect, and you'll see a set of evaluation practices often used in programs like yours.

Once you've chosen your method/s, remember to build them into your program planning - and resourcing!

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The toolkit is a result of a research grant from the Local Government Association of SA, project-managed by the City of Onkaparinga, in partnership with the Cities of Campbelltown and Victor Harbor, and the District Council of Ceduna. 

We welcome your feedback on this tool. If you have any questions about its content or structure or suggestions to enhance the site please contact Mike Brown, Social Planner at the City of Onkaparinga on

Community Matrix

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 Local OGvernment Association Campbelltown City Council    District Council of Ceduna


City of Onkaparinga

 City of Victor Harbour

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