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Corporate Documents

In responding to the needs of its members and providing a voice for the local government sector, the LGA is guided by three key documents;

  1. the LGA Constitution, which sets out the fundamental principals of governance;
  2. the LGA Strategic Plan, which sets out the organisations priorities for the future;
  3. and the LGA Policy Manual which contains a series of policies that underpin the day to day operations of the association.
In addition, the LGA produces an Annual Report which records the performance of the organisation in relation to its strategic objectives.

The LGA Constitution

The LGA Constitution is available by clicking here.

The LGA Policy Manual

The LGA Policy Manual is a compilation of the policies which are determined and amended by members at Ordinary and Annual General Meetings.

LGA Policy Manual - 2015(553 kb)

LGA's Strategic Plan

To assist in setting the LGA's broad priorities the Association has in place the 2016-2020 LGA Strategic Plan(3488 kb).

In addition to this the LGA has released its work plan for 2016-17. LGA Strategic Work Plan 2016-17(573 kb)

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